Quésaco: the “laminated skin”, or how sweat has become the new glow

Quésaco: the "laminated skin", or how sweat has become the new glow

(ETX Daily Up) – Sweaty skin, with the famous gout running down the face, like after exercise… Doesn’t that make you dream? However, it is the make-up trend of the moment, highlighted on the catwalks of Fashion Week spring-summer 2023, which is already panicking the counters on social networks. Taken to the extreme, the natural glow has not finished surprising us.

Decades spent digging up all the possible and imaginable tricks to have a matte complexion, and fight against all forms of shine, and now the “laminated skin” presents itself today as the make-up trend to adopt by then. ‘next summer. An inspiration that we owe to Terry Barber, artistic director of make-up at MAC Cosmetics, and which notably imposed itself on the London catwalks, before shining on social networks. The idea? Play the card of natural beauty to the point of reproducing a semblance of perspiration, as if the skin were… moist. An entire program.

After the “jello skin”, then the “glass skin”, place to the “laminated skin”. Unlike the latest makeup trends, this new inspiration is credited not to social media users, but to world-renowned makeup artist Terry Barber. And it is characterized by skin dripping with sweat, like after a sports session, or more glamorous – it seems – after having made love. Simply put, clammy skin is the latest hot trend in makeup. Incredible but true.

“For the next season, the skin will be clammy, which is no longer a negative”, explained Terry Barber in an interview with Refinery29. Adding, “Every designer I work with talks about clammy skin, like you’ve just come out of the ocean on vacation, or you’ve been on a dance floor – or you’ve just had sex.” All this resulting not in plays of light, but in textures that give the impression of having extremely hydrated skin. Gone are the multiple layers of make-up, and even more the fixing powders, make way for an (almost) natural glow, which does not require a lot of materials.

This new kind of beauty treatment would take just two products: a light and buildable foundation, which above all does not provide a plaster effect, very much in tune with the times, and above all a fixing mist which brings the desired glow while providing continuous hydration to the skin. The professional can embellish everything with a natural eye shadow, and a slight contouring, but the “laminated skin” is based above all on these two products. It remains to be seen whether your skin is made to embrace this new trend, which will bring shine to the forehead and nose, two areas where we have been trying to hide it until now.

Note that in another register, and this with the approach of Halloween, the “vampire skin” is also being emulated on social networks. A makeup trend that is characterized by skin à la Bella Swan and Edward Cullen, but in a glitter version. Much more glamorous than the pallid complexion usually attributed to vampires.

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