Why am I losing my hair?

Why am I losing my hair?

Throughout our lives, our hair grows and falls according to a well-defined cycle. Indeed, the hair growth is an eternal restart and we lose between 45 and 60 hair per day1. Focus on our tips anti hair loss.

I am losing my hair in handfuls, is it serious?

In the fall, nothing abnormal: they disappear as quickly as the leaves on the trees. The other common culprit is stress, which initiates the onset of their shedding phase even before their growth is complete. We then lose up to 100 hairs per day ! To pass the course? We put on brewer’s yeast (2 g, 3 times a day), ultra rich in vitamin group B which slows down desertion, or on multivitamins specially designed to boost the health of the appendages. You don’t feel particularly under pressure? We go around the usual suspects: iron deficiency, menopause, hyper or hypothyroidism… Time to see more clearly (and while waiting to consult), we try the infusion of nettle which, in certain cases, stop the fall and promotes regrowth. For the infusion of nettle, we put 1 tsp. c. of leaves in 1 cup of water, 3 times a day.

I am losing my hair in patches, what should I do?

We often wonder if it’s the symptom of a more serious illness ? It is characteristic of the alopecia areataa autoimmune disease with rather unpredictable evolution. If the dermatologist can set up certain treatments to stop the fall and/or stimulate regrowth, the alopecia areata disappears on its own (after several months all the same). We rejoice: it’s impressive (and disabling), but it’s not synonymous with underlying disease severe.

I have a lot of gray hair all of a sudden, what’s going on?

Genetics has a lot to do with it, but normally, our hair gradually fades. If the change is sudden, it may be the result of an emotional shock. Egyptian researchers2 also demonstrated that it is in every interest to go to the cardiologist when hair turns white all of a suddenbecause the risk of cardiovascular disease seems to increase proportionally to the number of White hair. Last avenue to explore: vitiligo, an autoimmune disease that leads to depigmentation of hair and hair.

I lose my hair in the fall, is that normal?

In autumn, we generally observe more hair on our brush, in the shower or on the bathroom floor… But this sudden fall hair loss has an explanation. In summer, our scalp and our hair are exposed to the sun’s rays and heat, which accelerate their growth. In autumn, the hair then arrives at the end of their growth and, above all, at the end of their life. So they naturally begin to to fall In large numbers. Again, no need to worry, this phenomenon is only temporary and the situation will be resolved in a few weeks. For limit the falltake care of your hair all year round with gentle products to avoid weaken them.

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2. Egyptian study presented at EuroPrevent 2017, Annual Congress of the European Association of Cardiology in Malaga (Spain).

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