17 tips for healthy hair – Moroccan Ladies

17 tips for healthy hair - Moroccan Ladies

1. Respect the nature of your hair

Accept your hair type and it will reward you. Stop bullying your curls to straighten them at all costs and, conversely, do not force curl hair straight like chopsticks. Respect their nature with appropriate care and feed them. Once your hair nature is accepted, you can start loving and caring for it. Flaunt a dreamy mane without looking like you’ve spent hours on it, thanks to a truly beautiful cut and ongoing care to repair previous damage.

2. Turn it into a second skin
Your hair is an extension of your skin… Treat it like your face by cleansing, moisturizing, caring for and nourishing it day and night. Give them deep care.

3. Night care
If your excuse for not caring for your hair is lack of time, some nighttime products can do the job for you.

4. Beware of deficiency
For healthy hair, you have to know how to go through the internal channels by nourishing it with cures of food supplements, for a minimum of three months, and by eating foods rich in Omega 3, iron and vitamins.

5. Scottish Shower
To stimulate hair growth, we jostle them by playing hot and cold. When washing, we opt for cold water: it creates a thermal shock that brings shine and awakens the bulb at the origin of growth. It is quite possible to slow down the fall with suitable products.

6. We detangle
If your hair is tangled and riddled with knots, avoid untangling it from the outset. The best method is to soak it in oil, slipping your fingers through it first and then combing it upwards gradually from the tip to the roots, 10 cm by 10 cm.

7. Pamper yourself

“A shampoo adapted to the type of hair either permanently or alternately with a frequent use shampoo, a moisturizing or detangling conditioner if the hair is curly or difficult to comb, a mask once or twice a week using oils (olive, castor oil, almond, Argan…), keratin, silk proteins, bioceramides or other nourishing active agents and a protective product against UV rays in the event of prolonged sun exposure during Autumn”, advises the dermatologist. In a word, you have to pamper your hair and use the products adapted to the nature of your hair.

8. A brushing which lasts
When you treat yourself to a brushing at the hairdresser and the hair gets greasy after 3 days, it can be frustrating. To clean your hair without going through the tap box, we opt for dry shampoo. Spray it 15 cm from the roots, massage the scalp, brush vigorously upside down and you’re done.

9. Light up
When the hair, whether colored or natural, is dull, just wake it up and give it shine with a weekly oil bath, before shampooing, soaking the lengths and scalp. We avoid the sources of dullness that constitute the daily shampoo, the dryer too close to the scalp, the styling products used too often on the roots.

10. rage on fat
When your hair is too greasy, either it’s hereditary and you have to learn to live with it, or it’s hormonal and you have to treat it. It may also be that we wash our hair too often by rubbing too much, which overexcites the sebaceous glands. Ghassoul can be an effective remedy for this problem.

11. Oil bath
If your hair is dry and very dry, opt for oil baths to ensure maximum hydration. Cover your hair with a hot towel. Leave on for at least twenty minutes. Then wash your hair, rinsing it thoroughly, then apply a mild shampoo that foams enough to remove all oil residue. A conditioner or mask will complete this treatment. Finish this routine with a remineralizing spray that will restore tone to the hair without weighing it down.

12. A hair scrub
To unclog accumulated impurities (product residue, dead cells, dandruff, etc.), rebalance the roots, regulate sebum, stimulate blood circulation and tone the roots, nothing better than a hair scrub. Your hair will regain volume, lightness and hair growth.

The golden rules of shampoo

1. If you wash your hair regularly, one shampoo is enough. Two will just strip them.
2. A mask needs time to repair damaged hair, wait a few weeks before judging the results. And be aware that an exposure time of less than 5 minutes will only serve to detangle.
3. Between applying shampoo and conditioner, towel dry your hair. On soaked hair, the conditioner glides on without penetrating.

13. Free fall

It is normal to lose between 80 and 100 hairs per day. The longer they are, the faster they break and fall off… But beyond that, you will have to think about consulting a specialist and following a cure of at least three months. “Hair reflects our way of life. You have to know how to manage fatigue, stress and adopt a healthy lifestyle. The hair requires a lot of care in order not to fall out. But if despite the seasonal fall (spring, autumn), the hair loss persists or is very important, it would be best to consult a dermatologist so that he can find the origin of the problem and prescribe a treatment”. advises Dr. Belloul.

14. Dandruff
If it snows dandruff on our shoulders, it is often a sign of a surge of stress or severe fatigue. Unless you have eczema or psoriasis (which are within the purview of a dermatologist), all you need is a good cosmetic quality anti-dandruff shampoo to keep your hair from drying out. Leave on for at least 5 minutes to allow optimal action of the active product. In all cases, maintenance treatment is necessary to avoid relapses.

15. Treatments in a salon
Treat your hair to the care of a pro. Do not hesitate to go to a good hairdresser to benefit from professional care, and also to cut the ends in order to restore tone to your hair.

16. Sweetness
Avoid regular use of the hair dryer, as the heat deteriorates the quality of the hair. Do not rub your hair, but rather dry it by gently dabbing it with a towel. Do not abuse brushings and do not pull on the hair.

17. Effective Care

Wearing masks is good. Effectively is even better. After applying your nourishing treatment, cover your head with a warm wet towel. Be sure to keep the towel warm even if it means repeating the operation several times. Here is a homemade mask for silky hair, taken from Oriental Beauty Secrets by Leila Sassi Oulahna: “beat in a small container 1 egg yolk, then add, little by little, 1 large spoonful of argan oil and a large spoonful of liquid honey. Apply the preparation obtained in the form of a hair mask. Keep at least 1 hour and then shampoo.”



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