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Cancer de la peau Tout ce qu'il faut savoir

Skin cancer Everything you need to know

Everyone knows it, protecting your skin from the sun’s rays is essential in order to preserve his health. Indeed, frequent and prolonged exposure to UV rays favors skin aging and the risk cancerincluding melanoma which is the most aggressive. It remains to know what to do in case of skin cancer? Today, we offer you solutions to protect you naturally, but also to prevent these pathologies correlated withsun exposureas well as the appropriate gestures as soon as they appear.

Everything you need to know about melanoma

Among all skin cancers, melanoma is the most serious given its strong ability to metastasize. It is a malignant tumor of the pigmentary system that develops from a skin cell called a melanocyte. It is characterized in 80% of cases byappearance of a pigmented spot on healthy skin and in 20% by degeneration of a pre-existing mole. Early detection gives a better chance of recovery.
The ABCDE rule criteria can help recognize the warning signs of melanoma: HAS as Asymmetry, B as Irregular Edges, C as Inhomogeneous Color, D as Increasing Diameter and E as Evolution.
As soon as one or more of these symptoms appear, it is essential to carry out screening. In effect, most can be cured when detected at an early stage. After surgery, to remove the tumor and any affected lymph nodes, the treatments depend on the stage of evolution of the cancer, namely immunotherapy, chemotherapy and radiotherapy.

Cutaneous carcinoma

These are the most common and least serious skin cancers. In effect, these non-melanocytic cancers represent more than 90% of cancers and fortunately have a good prognosis. They develop in the epidermal cells and almost never lead to metastases. Most of the time, skin carcinomas are located on the face and neck. They often appear after the age of 50 as a red, pinkish, or flesh-colored patch. Surgical excision is done under local anesthesia.
For superficial forms, milder treatments are sufficient to eradicate them. These include the application of creams to the lesion.

Specially adapted to the most exposed areas, ISDIN Eryfotona’AK Fluid SPF100+ 50ml is a very high sun protection UVB 109, UVA 39 which will protect the DNA from the appearance of actinic skin lesions (AK). It also reduces the field of subclinical cancerization associated with non-melanoma skin cancer. This treatment is to be applied to the parts of the body concerned twice a day. In case of’direct sun exposurerepeat the operation every 2 hours for optimum efficiency.

If you have skin that is hypersensitive to the sun and prone to actinic keratoses, Avène Sunsimed Ka very high protection spf50+ 80ml is the ideal treatment to protect your skin on a daily basis. Its formula contains a patented photostable filtering system to form a shield against UVA and UVB rays and in particular to fight against photoaging as well as cell damage, thanks to its complex of phytoprotective active ingredients Sunsitive who is a mighty


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