Find out which products to use at home for a professional result this fall!

Find out which products to use at home for a professional result this fall!

These high-end beauty products promise you a final result worthy of a professional! It’s in this article!

Did you know that you don’t have to go to high-end aesthetic salons to be able to enjoy a beautiful finish? Today, technologies can now reproduce the know-how of the pros!

Indeed, several easy-care accessories can provide you with results worthy of professionals. Without further ado, discover our selections of the most essential beauty products that you absolutely must have this fall! The details !

Beauty products: New products not to be missed!

To begin this section, let’s talk about institute facial care with ” The Ultrasonic Exfoliator Spatula + LED “. Must have for this fall, this beauty product swears by its effectiveness! For a new skin effect, know that this accessory combines three advanced technologies. Namely the blue LEDs, which can help tighten pores. And at the same time, these make it possible to mattify the complexion!

“The Ultrasonic Exfoliator Spatula”, as its name suggests, is a beauty product with what are called ” ultrasound “. These are also included in the exfoliation mode and make it possible to deeply cleanse the skin as well as effectively smooth the grains! Indeed, it is just as effective as it is practical. But that’s not all, this gadget also has another even more interesting function!

It’s about fashion micro-current ! This feature integrated in this beauty product allows it to produce positive and negative ions. In other words, it could give your complexion an immediate glow! Professionals emphasize its use which is 2 to 3 times a week. A must try this fall to regain radiant, smooth and clear skin!

After the 9-free vegan varnishes, the Manucurist brand is currently launching the ” GreenFlash “. A new beauty product consisting of a complete kit that includes all the benefits of semi-permanent. Namely degreasing + base + color + top coat! Varnishing will no longer be a difficult task! You can do it yourself from home. And apparently your manicure could last within 10 days and can be removed with nail polish remover!

These accessories are known to have a remarkable result!

The “Cosmétiques maison” brand is also selling the robot “ BeautyMix “. Made in France, this beauty product seems to tick absolutely all the boxes. For example, this device could allow you to prepare many products such as shampoo or day cream. But also lip balm, perfume and even toothpaste!

In addition, this beauty product signed “Cosmétiques maison” has a connected application! Apparently, this feature could offer a personalized skin diagnosis. You can even find there over 49 recipes that have been carefully developed by a professional dermatologist! It is also important to note that the raw materials that have been used are all entirely natural!

The possibility of occurrence of side effects is therefore nil! One of those rare beauty products that you can use anytime without worrying about other details besides its benefits! Moreover, eco-responsible glasses and bamboo were used to design the containers. And finally, this essential accessory available at “Cosmétiques maison” is sold at the price of 129 euros !

The “Rowenta” brand offers in its stores a superb cleansing brush at 119 euros only. On the performance side, this beauty product is equipped with a smart boost pen. This feature could apparently improve the effectiveness of treatments applied upstream to the eye contour. This is explained by the advantages drawn from the blue LEDS! But that’s not all ! This gadget also has a two-speed brush to remove make-up and deeply cleanse the skin!

Beauty products: Know everything about this blow-dry with multiple functions!

Equipped with 6 tips, the brushing ” Dyson Airwrap can be used to curl, wave, straighten or dry hair! In other words, this versatile beauty product allows you to achieve any hairstyle you want. In addition, this device has been designed with technology based on the Coanda effect!

As a reminder, the Coanda effect is a famous high tech tool which uses the air in order to bring the wick back around the roller! And at the same time, any heat that is harmful to your hair fiber will be automatically avoided. As a result, you will end up with beautiful, soft, healthy and shiny hair. As for its price, the Dyson Airwrap blow dry is available for just 499 euros !

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