Opt for this recipe to have a plumped and well hydrated skin this fall 2022!

Opt for this recipe to have a plumped and well hydrated skin this fall 2022!

Discover without delay how to make your own day cream! Here are the basic ingredients to use for this recipe!

For well-plumped and hydrated skin, the application of a day cream must be a necessity! In terms of cosmetics, there are several alternatives that you can take.

However, there is no better than going natural. Discover without further delay all the details in the following lines. To know the basic ingredients to use as well as the steps of the preparation! To your readings!

What are the benefits of using a day cream?

It is true that there are a lot of cosmetic houses that offer several types of day cream on their shelves. However, note that making your face care oneself can represent multiple benefits. Thus, you will avoid the use of products that contain components harmful to the skin. Namely allergens, synthetic fragrances and endocrine disruptors!

Making your own day cream is also an act ecological ! For example, you can reuse an old glass jar to put your new preparation. Thus, you adopt a zero waste behavior while reducing the environmental impact. Interesting isn’t it?

But that’s not all ! Make your own day cream can also allow you to great savings. Because yes, most high-end products all cost the skin of the buttocks. Basically, save money by concocting your care yourself. Plus, it’s more customizable!

When you create a day cream, know that you can adopt its composition to your skin type ! Yes, it is as effective as it is practical. A moisturizer can also be the subject of a gift. You can gift it to that particular friend who likes to take care of her skin. She will love it!

How to choose the right vegetable oil?

To make an effective day cream, it is first necessary to gather the basic ingredients to be used! And to do this, you will only need a vegetable oil, a preservative, an emulsifier and a hydrosol. About the choice of vegetable oilbet on the one that meets the needs of your skin!

Indeed, the vegetable oil that you use to prepare the day cream works differently. And this, depending on the condition and nature of your skin! Also, this basic ingredient includes in its component of multiple benefits. Like providing your face with perfect hydration or even suppleness.

For people with sensitive skin, the ideal is to opt for vegetable oils rich in fatty acids. Moreover, it should be noted that dry and dehydrated surfaces need lipids to restore their shine! To do this, apricot, sweet almond, avocado or even shea butter can be very good options. Indeed, these are the best ingredients to make this day cream.

Which vegetable oils to choose for people with combination or oily skin? The main thing is to bet on those that are said to be ” dry “. Very effective for fight against blemishes, these ingredients also reduce excess sebum! To make your day cream, jojoba, hazelnut or even sesame oil will do the trick.

Day cream: Why is it necessary to use hydrosol?

People with mature skin should opt for another type of vegetable oil! First of all, it should be noted that to moisturize mature skin, it is necessary to bet on ingredients rich in collagen and elastin. You can find it in argan or plum oil to make your day cream.

For a very effective day cream, consider also includinghydrosol. Apparently, this component is ideal for deeply moisturizing the skin. This ingredient obtained by distillation of plants contributes greatly to the realization of this moisturizing cream. To calm the irritation of dry and dehydrated skin, distilled water from orange blossom or lime blossom would be a very good option.

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