Orientation in the professions of well-being

Orientation in the professions of well-being

Well-being professions are more and more popular and many people want to move towards these professions. When you start to take an interest in alternative medicine, you are quickly faced with a dilemma: Towards which practice to orient?
Naturopathy, phytotherapy, reflexology, hypnosis, sophrology… you are spoiled for choice.
Among all the trendy practices, you can orient yourself towards Lahochi or Reiki. These disciplines are highly appreciated by the general public and have a bright future ahead of them.

How to become a therapist in these disciplines?

These two practices are not recognized by the state, so you do not have a diploma to pass or any minimum study to provide. You can find many schools that can train you in the practice of reiki or lahochi, at the end of your training, you will receive a certificate issued by the school.

Focus on these professions

Many are the benefits of Reiki and Lahochi which are both methods of energy healing through the laying on of hands. These energy techniques bring balance and harmony to the whole human body: physical, mental and emotional. Considered as a holistic therapy, they can be applied to children, adults, and the elderly. However, lahochi and reiki differ in its practice.

What are the benefits of practicing Lahochi and Reiki?

Lahochi and Reiki are similar looking energy practices that use channeled energy. The magnetism used during the treatment is an external energy. The channeled energy will then be transmitted by the laying on of hands by the practitioner. These two natural care techniques are transmitted by initiation, thanks to a session received by a Reiki master or a lahochi practitioner. However, sessions can be done remotely or face-to-face.

For a face-to-face session, the practitioner places his hands on specific areas of his patient, such as the head, hips, legs, arms, or on the part of the heart. In this way, it sends healing energy to those specific areas of the recipient.

The healing energies are transmitted to the receiver in order to activate the energetic balance, from where the body maintains the harmonization of the energies which circulate in its body. These two practices allow a good feeling in the body and in the mind of the person. They bring many benefits such as:

  • Find mental well-being
  • Find physical well-being
  • Find a balance of body and mind
  • Helping people with emotional issues
  • Erase stress and anxieties
  • Remove blockages and discomfort
  • Revitalize body and mind
  • Strengthen the immune system
  • Report an energy gain
  • Being able to relax
  • Activate the self-healing system

What is the difference between lahochi and Reiki?

Although they have quite similar characteristics and effects, lahochi and reiki are also very distinct. According to practitioners, lahochi is much more powerful and gentler. Rather earthly, reiki acts on physical and emotional ailments, while lahochi allows spiritual openness thanks to very high vibrational frequencies.

The Reiki healing method is founded by a Japanese named Mikao Usui, from where the word comes from the combination of the sounds “rei” and “ki”:

  • ”rei”: which means “the universal”, from which we speak of the soul and the spirit
  • ”Ki”: having the meaning “energy”.

In Reiki, there are at least 12 positions. To be able to practice it and become a reiki master, it is necessary to master 3 positions, and pass the initiation in 4 degrees. It also uses symbols. Reiki allows the person to live in harmony with the universe.

The lahochi is discovered during a channeling of an American named Satchamar by the master Lao-Tseu. By definition, this word is obtained by the combination of the sounds “la”, “ho” and “chi”:

  • ”the”: which refers to the light, love and universal wisdom coming from the highest energies.
  • ”ho”: related to the movement of energy.
  • ”chi”: referring to life force or vital energy

The lahochi method is much simpler than reiki, with only one comprehensive level to be both practitioner and teacher. The lahochi does not use any symbols and allows a very great understanding of life. Thanks to the power of healing energies during a lahochi treatment, it helps to restructure a person’s life following an emotional imbalance, an injury due to unfortunate life events, or trauma after an accident. When lahochi is mastered, it can be practiced on oneself and on others.

Should we choose Reiki or Lahochi?

The choice between the practice of Reiki and lahochi depends above all on the feelings of each one, which differs from one person to another. These energy care methods each have their specificities with a different level of vibrational energy. Both certainly provide personal fulfillment, well-being and real autonomy.

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