Our Money-Saving Ideas: Inexpensive Beauty Products

Our Money-Saving Ideas: Inexpensive Beauty Products

Fortunately, more and more brands, aware of the financial crisis and their ecological impact, are offering more economical and more eco-responsible alternatives. Emanuele Estelle, who runs the Stellina Institute, in Wavre, in Walloon Brabant, undertakes, for example, to offer its customers beauty products that work in the form of refills.

“The clientshe explains, buys the product once and then gets cheap refills that she can put in the original container.” The 35-year-old beautician adds that many cosmetics can be swapped for natural ingredients which, if used over time, will offer the same results as expensive creams and serums.

“Honey, she says, is known for its moisturizing properties. You can apply it on the face and body. Honey is also very effective against calluses on the feet. For an optimal effect, once the honey has been applied, wrap the foot in a sock or glove and leave it on.”


You don’t need to be an expert either to make a homemade scrub. “Mix sugar or coarse salt with olive, rapeseed, coconut oil and you’re done”, further specifies Emanuele Estelle. The mechanical action of sugar or salt on the skin will eliminate dead cells and accelerate the process of cell renewal while the oil will come to hydrate the epidermis which will have been slightly attacked by this friction movement .

In the department of household oils, castor oil also has incredible virtues. “It redensifies the hair. It can be used as a serum to promote the growth of eyelashes and eyebrows. If you apply it daily, morning and evening, you will see results after 3 or 4 months.” Finally, to reduce your electricity bill, recommend cold water to hot water. “A cold shower is excellent for blood circulation, elasticity and skin tone.” The chilly can start with lukewarm water.

Our 6 inexpensive beauty tips

1.Reuse mascara

Your mascara is dry and leaves nasty clumps on your eyelashes? Before throwing it in the trash, try to rehydrate it. Close the tube tightly and place it in a pot of boiling water for five minutes. If after using this technique you don’t see any improvement, add a little olive oil – or whatever – to the tube and shake well before using it again. It is also possible to clean your brush with micellar water and/or a neutral shampoo.

2.Goodbye hair dryer

Rather than having your electric meter go up every time you blow-dry, wrap your hair in a cotton t-shirt when you get out of the shower. The cotton will absorb all the moisture from your hair which will then dry faster in the open air. In addition to being good for the wallet, this technique also has advantages for your hair which, if not attacked by heat, will regain its shine.

3.Eye contour

The skin around the eye is particularly fragile. This is why, in order to hydrate it and prevent the appearance of fine lines, a cream or serum specially designed for this area of ​​the face is used. However, to decongest the bags under your eyes, you just need to place a teaspoon in the freezer. “Attentionsays Emanuele Estelle, beautician, not to place it directly in contact with your skin when it comes out of the freezer, you risk burning yourself.”

4. Homemade shampoo

Spacing out the shampoos saves the hair… but also the hot water bill. If your roots tend to be oily, you can make your own dry shampoo by applying one to two teaspoons of chickpea flour, clay powder, or cornstarch to your scalp. Leave for 15 minutes, then rinse and you’re done. Also remember to comb your hair regularly during the day to better distribute the sebum throughout your hair.

5. Empty your tubes

How many tubes of cream have not been thrown in the garbage while they still contained a little of their precious elixir, for lack of being able to correctly extract the last drops from the container? The UpCircle brand now offers for sale a “Tube Squeezer”, a revolutionary gadget, in the form of a tube squeezer or a roller, which makes it possible to recover the entire tube and thus delay the purchase of the next one. Investment cost? €3.99.

6.Fix her lipstick

By using it excessively, your lipstick ended up breaking in two? Don’t panic: you don’t have to burn your bank card to buy yourself a new one. To fix it, you just need to heat the ends of the two broken ends with a lighter until they start to melt slightly. Press them together and heat again until they form one. If necessary, smooth it out with a cotton swab.

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