Podophilia, Larys Strong’s foot fetishist in House of the Dragon

Podophilie, Le Fétichiste Des Pieds De Larys Strong Dans House

The final chapter of House of the Dragon has left us with endless moments to comment on, but without a doubt, one of the ones that has caught the most attention (due to the awkwardness and curiosity of the situation) has to do with the scene in which Larys Strong asks Queen Alicent to show her feet, with a distinct erotic undertone, if she wants to know who her traitors are in the castle. What do we know about the fetishism of this part of the body? Is it as weird as it looked on stage?

A bold scene in House of Dragon

If anything has been nauseatingly commented on at this point, it’s that House of the Dragon falls far short of its sister, Game of Thrones, in terms of bloody and, above all, sexual content. It is true that we saw violent and sometimes risque scenes, but they did not offer us the images that we see in Game of Thrones. It was something that its creators were looking for to move away a little from the style of the mythical series of HBO, thus focusing even more on the characters and their dynamics due to the power struggle, nothing more.

The latest episode, 1×09, of the Targaryen series followed this trend, so much so that the episode’s most sexual scene didn’t even show us a nude. Well more or less. Instead, what we see are the bare feet of Alicent Hightower, the Queen Consort, something that seems to arouse Lord Larys Strong to the point of being able to indulge in looking at them.

Alicent and Larys Strong

In addition to the curiosity of the scene, this dynamic between the two characters is extremely revealing: it shows us the relationship that the one nicknamed in the books as Larys the Patizambo and Alicent came to establish during this period. In it, he continues to be her confidant and faithful performer of the dirtiest tasks in Westeros on behalf of the queen as she sells part of her body and dignity for information – and also the satisfaction of her boyfriend who, for who knows, it is better to take care and be happy.

What is podophilia?

As we anticipated and in case you didn’t know the term, podophilia is someone’s sexual interest in their feet. A person with this paraphilia shows an erotic inclination for this area of ​​the body, either by simply looking at it, smelling it, or touching it, to the point that they may feel aroused by it.

Alice's feet

There is no problem and there is nothing wrong with feeling this curious excitement as long as it does not interfere with the normal development of a person’s life. In the HBO Max series, he is portrayed by a character precisely with a serious foot problem, but someone with a similar disability does not necessarily have to develop podophilia.

Likewise, his association with a dark and twisted persona (as well as the fact of blackmailing and exploiting Alicent’s body that he wields) may cause him to acquire a negative connotation, but nothing could be further from the reality.

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