Selection of hair care to discover in institutes after the summer

Soins capillaires à découvrir en instituts après l

Fragile, dull, dry… After summer, hair tends to lose shine and softness. The reasons for these deteriorations? UV rays, wind, sand, and salt water. To remedy this, masks, oil baths and deep treatments are to be preferred. This is what many Parisian hair institutes offer for the start of the school year. In the form of multi-step protocols, these treatments allow the hair to regain density, shine and softness. Here is our selection of hair care to discover in Parisian institutes.

Delphine Courteille – Hair cryotherapy

Ideal after returning from vacation, the siberia treatment offered by hairdresser Delphine Courteille provides deep hydration thanks to a cryotherapy protocol. In the form of a bath combining keratin, caviar, and white clay, it allows the hair to be hydrated from the roots to the lengths. At first, three shampoos are carried out in order to clean the fiber in depth and to open the scales. Then, the expert applies the treatment using a brush then places the filmed hair under a heated helmet. In a second step, icy smoothing plates are used to penetrate the active ingredients, bring shine and eliminate frizz. Finally, the hair is rinsed with cold water for three minutes. As a result, the hair is denser, shinier and more supple.

Delphine Courteille salon Credit: Negre

Salon Delphine Courteille, 28 rue du Mont Thabor, 75001 Paris. Siberia treatment, duration 1H30. Price: 140 euros.

Nicolas Vlaemynck – Deep hydration

The Nicolas Vlaemynck salon is offering hair care inspired by traditional Indian medicine for the start of the school year. The 1919 Ritual allows the hair to be toned, healthier and to regain all its shine. To achieve this, the professional performs a series of frictions supported at the level of the skull and the nape of the neck. Thanks to this technique, blood circulation is revitalized and the scalp regains its balance. Then, a capillary massage balm enriched with aloe vera is applied to the entire hair to provide it with deep hydration. To finalize the treatment, the hairdresser uses the stimulating booster with lemon essential oil. The hair is sublimated and repaired.

Salon Nicolas Vlaemynck Credit: Nicolas Vlaemynck

Salon Nicolas Vlaemynck, 40 rue des Mathurins, 75008 Paris. Ritual Eugène Perma 1919, duration 30 minutes. Prices from 30 euros.

Salon René Furterer – Intense ritual

Bringing together the fundamentals of Furterer care, this complete treatment for the hair gives it intense shine. Salon expert René Furterer begins by carrying out an in-depth diagnosis of the scalp using a capilliscope to determine the condition of the hair and its problems. The ritual is then adapted according to the needs of each client. Brushing, cranial and scalp massage, pre-shampoo treatment, signature treatment, mask and styling are then provided to provide optimal results. As a result, hair regains its pre-summer beauty. No more split ends, frizz and other annoyances.

Salon René Furterer Credit: René Furterer

Salon and Hair Spa René Furterer, 22 boulevard des Capucines, 75009 Paris. Absolute Ritual treatment, duration: 2 hours. Price from 163 to 172 euros.

Institut Leonor Greyl – Tailor-made treatment

Before starting the treatment, the expert Leonor Greyl examines the nature of the hair using a micro-viewer. Then, depending on the nature of the hair and its needs, the treatment will be adapted and then developed. Once applied, it allows all the hair to be soothed, repaired, boosted and nourished. The treatment continues with a passage under the ozone vapor helmet, a sort of hammam which promotes the penetration of the treatment. The expert then applies an ampoule of energizing complex, which, thanks to its ultra-fortifying properties, optimizes the microcirculation of the scalp. Clients emerge with soft, healthy and silkier hair.

Leonor Greyl treatment Credit: Leonor Greyl

Leonor Greyl Institute, 15 rue Tronchet, 75008 Paris. Treatment for women, duration: 90 minutes. Prices from 100 euros.

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