The presenter of the JT on TF1 swears by the effectiveness of this anti-aging trick!

The presenter of the JT on TF1 swears by the effectiveness of this anti-aging trick!

Anne-Claire Coudray reveals to our Gala colleagues her ultimate anti-aging secret! And obviously, this treatment seems to have its effects!

Anne-Claire Coudray recently had an interview with our Gala colleagues! The occasion for the famous presenter of the television news of TF1 to share his famous trick to fight against the effects of aging.

Because yes, the 45-year-old young woman seems not to be marked by time, visually speaking! Are you also curious about the method she adopts? Well, we reveal everything to you in this article!

The busy life of Anne-Claire Coudray!

Anne-Claire Coudray is a committed woman ! Everyone knows her as the presenter of the TF1 television news. And we are all necessarily aware that being a TV host could take up a lot of our time! Between personal, professional and family life, she seems to fulfill these roles with complete peace of mind!

Although Anne-Claire Coudray shows herself to be a strong person, she remains above all a human! As time goes by, we all also age. And its effects often seem to show up on the skin. However, the presenter of JT presents almost no signs of old age on his face. And this, while his routine is one of the busiest!

Apparently, Anne-Claire Coudray found the ideal care so that the effect of age cannot have a big impact on his skin! It must be said that the presenter continues to take care of her person despite her schedule. And besides, this woman swears by the effectiveness of this remedy! Apparently, this one applies sunscreen absolutely every day.

According to Anne-Claire Coudray, applying sunscreen could reduce the effects of aging that are already present. Because above all, you have to remember to moisturize your skin from time to time to preserve its suppleness and to reduce the appearance of wrinkles! So remember to follow this tip to have a “clear skin” like that of the presenter of the TF1 news!

“I regret not having started sooner!”

But that’s not all ! Anne-Claire Coudray doesn’t just rely on the benefit of applying sunscreen every day. Apart from this routine that she never neglects, the presenter can also count on this other technical good to her. Think again ! The 45-year-old woman does not rely on botox, let alone surgery!

Indeed, Anne-Claire Coudray seems to use a much more healthy and simple ! Known for her sense of sharing, the mother of the family did not hesitate to reveal her famous trick to our colleagues at Gala. The opportunity for her to approach her way of doing things to avoid being marked by time. Everyone could thank her!

Apparently, Anne-Claire Coudray includes the practice of certain physical activities in her daily routine! ” The sport ! I got into it on the yours she had declared! On this subject, the host admits to doing it three times a week. In addition to being committed to what she does, we can also see that the mother is very organized by nature!

I regret not having started sooner “, she then added. Before continuing: But it’s definitely my antidote to aging “. To sum up, Anne-Claire Coudray takes care of her skin with sunscreen. But also, the practice of sport from time to time.

Anne-Claire Coudray: A message filled with positivity!

Also during the interview she gave to Gala, she did not fail to educate his fans to take up sports. Whether it’s to slow down the effect of aging or simply to take care of yourself! The presenter of JT had also addressed other even more interesting themes.

As we told you, Anne-Claire Coudray has the sense of sharing ! It is always a pleasure for her to speak on subjects that are close to her heart. For this occasion, she discussed the good and bad sides of confinement. ” I decided to keep only the examples of solidarity, the applause for the caregivers “, she said.

Before expressing his compassion for the traders who sold the goods of those who no longer had the right to open. ” Our immense capacity to adapt! She was amazing. But I’m the type to watch the glass half full she added. A very nice message that had something to bring joy as well as good vibes!

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