12 moisturizing masks according to your hair type

12 moisturizing masks according to your hair type

The temperature changes experienced going from summer to fall have an impact on the hair. We treat ourselves to a moment of care by applying a moisturizing mask in our mop of hair.

After spending the summer in the sun, the hair can be quite damaged. Temperature drops can also have an impact on their outfit, did you know that? They are offered a dose of hydration and deep care with these hair masks.

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You choose your mask according to your hair type, your hair routine and your needs. You will certainly find the formula that suits you in our list!

Here are 12 moisturizing hair masks.

1. Best mask for all hair types – Olaplex Perfector N°3


Price: $41 at Sephora

Why we love it: This mask has earned a solid reputation thanks to the fantastic results it has on the hair. It is effective on all hair types and even on the most tired and damaged. The 10-minute break allows a moment cocooning before hair washing. A perfect product to bring life back to hair that has taken a lot of sun this summer.

2. Best Revitalizing Mask – Also Miracle Moist


Price: On sale at $6.99 at Pharmaprix

Why we love it: It’s a deep conditioner that you can use regularly in the shower, but it’s even better if you leave it on for a few precious minutes to act in depth on the hair. It moisturizes the hair thanks to jojoba and avocado oils.

3. Best Luxury Mask – Shu Uemura Ashita Supreme Intense Revitalizing Mask


Price: $92 online

Why we love it: Although this mask is particularly expensive, it gives dreamy hair. This mask is suitable for all hair types and deeply hydrates it in addition to making it considerably less brittle. The intense revitalization mask is enriched with extracts of the Ashitaba plant, used for a very long time in Japan for its vitamins.

4. Best mask for very frizzy, dry or damaged hair – Shea Moisture Intense Hydration Hair Mask

Price: On sale at $12.99 at Pharmaprix

Why we love it: This mask is enriched with manuka honey, mafura oil, fig extracts and baobab oil to give a good glass of water to your dehydrated hair that is crying out for care. The price is as sweet as these ingredients!

5. Best mask for quick hydration – Biomimetic Hairscience K18 Molecular Repair Leave-In Mask


Price: $89 at Sephora

Why we love it: This mask is worth its price for the effectiveness with which it restores tired hair. Originally created for salon professionals, it is now available for home use. In just four minutes after shampooing and without conditioner, K18 comes to play in the structure of the hair to restore shine and body.

6. Best TikTok Influenced Mask – Boldplex 3 Bond Restore Treatment Mask


Price: $24.45 on Amazon

Why we love it: The Boldplex mask formula is increasingly adopted by the TikTok beauty community since the product is similar to Olaplex, at a friendly price! It is ideal for colored, damaged, broken, curly or discolored hair. In addition, the formula is certified vegan. A treatment to try!

7. Best moisturizing mask for long hair – L’Oréal Paris Dream Lengths Savior Hair Mask


Price: $4.65 on Amazon

Why we love it: Not only is the Savior mask from the Dream Lenghts collection at a very low price, but it also does a lot of good for long hair that doesn’t want to be cut. The mask contains castor oil and keratin to regenerate lengths and leave hair shiny.

8. Best hair mask for fine to medium hair – Treatment mask for fine to medium hair OUAI


Price: $50 at Sephora

Why we love it: Many moisturizing mask formulas can leave fine to medium hair feeling greasy and heavy. This mask contains Shea butter, Panthenol as well as hydrolyzed protein and keratin. Your hair will be hydrated, shiny and solidified, without being weighed down.

9. Best mask for thirsty, colored and damaged hair – Drunk Elephant Silkamino Mega Hydrating Mask


Price: $37 at Pharmaprix

Why we love it: A real infusion for your hair, the mega-hydrating mask fulfills its promise. It is composed of marula butter, sunflower fatty acids, panthenol as well as a fortifying blend of moisturizing and smoothing agents. Your hair will thank you for the care taken.

10. Best moisturizing face mask for a pop of color – Moroccanoil coloring mask


Price: $34 at Sephora

Why we love it: The proposed mask deposits a temporary color on the hair in addition to giving it the desired dose of hydration. It will work especially well on straight, wavy, curly and twisted hair. We like the choice of colors for a moment of madness without the commitment.

11. Best Mask for Hair Damaged by Styling Appliances – The Kure by Amika


Price: $52 at Sephora

Why we love it: We love this mask for the intense hydration it provides and the repair it provides to hair damaged by the dryer and styling tools used at temperatures that are often too high for our hair type.

12. Best mask for hair that has had a lot of chemical transformations – Miracle It’s a 10 Hair Mask


Price: $35.99 on Amazon

Why we love it: Hair that takes a lot of knocks from bleaching products, heat and has seen the likes of it will get a break with this mask formula. Deeply damaged hair will look stronger from the first use and more volume with each application.

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