3 medico-aesthetic treatments to test this fall

3 medico-aesthetic treatments to test this fall

After several weeks of exposure to the sun, autumn is the ideal time to integrate a new beauty routine and take care of your skin.

Between pool days, outdoor outings and beach vacations, the skin is more heavily exposed to the sun’s rays during the summer period, which has the effect of accelerating skin aging.

Take advantage of the arrival of fall to take care of your little face and give it a good dose of radiance by testing these three high-quality and safe medical-aesthetic treatments, offered by the network of Medicart clinics.

1. The CO laser2 fractionated at the Medicart Quebec clinic

3 medico-aesthetic treatments to test this fall

Credit: Dr Stéphane Maurice

Exposure to the sun contributes greatly to the premature aging of your skin causing the appearance of spots and wrinkles. To limit the damage caused by UV rays and restore your epidermis, Dr. Stéphane Maurice, medical director at the Clinique Medicart Québec, offers various treatments for the face and neck, including the CO laser2 split.

Offering visible results from the first session, the CO laser2D® helps smooth fine lines, wrinkles, surgical and acne scars, and improves skin tone and texture. But that’s not all! This treatment can also remove benign skin lesions such as keratoses.

2. The HydraFacialMD at the Medicart Saint-Lambert clinic

3 medico-aesthetic treatments to test this fall

Credit: Dr. Christine Caron Aesthetic Medicine Clinic

Perfect for gently welcoming the change of season, this treatment combines cleansing, exfoliation, dermabrasion (called peeling, in English) extraction, hydration and detoxification of the skin. Offered at the Dr. Christine Caron aesthetic medicine clinic in Saint-Lambert, a new member of the Medicart network, the HydraFacial treatment MD is aimed as much at people whose skin is oily and prone to acne and mature as at those whose skin is mature and who wish to illuminate their complexion and mask the undesirable effects of the sun.

This multi-step facial treatment not only removes dead cells, but also deeply hydrates the skin leaving it soft and smooth to the touch. Combined with other treatments offered at the Medicart Saint-Lambert clinic, the HydraFacialMD also helps reduce the appearance of fine lines.

3. OxyGeneoTM at the Medicart Laval clinic

For deep facial rejuvenation, opt for this 3-in-1 oxygenated facial treatment that delivers significant results from the first session. Newly offered by Dr. Stéphanie Morin at the Clinique Medicart Laval, this soothing and relaxing treatment is suitable for all skin types, even the most sensitive.

First, the machine used for OxyGeneo treatmentTM allows the exfoliation of the first skin layer in order to eliminate dead cells and open the pores. Then, oxygenation by the Bohr effect, i.e. by sending blood rich in O2 to the skin to replace CO2, has the effect of enriching the dermis from the inside. Finally, the infusion of natural and powerful active ingredients ends the experience in order to improve the texture and overall appearance of the skin in the long term.

Combining nearly 60 years of expertise in aesthetic medicine, dermatology and phlebology, the Medicart network mission is to provide you with an accessible and safe experience, provided by experienced healthcare professionals and technicians. Make an appointment at one of the 37 Medicart clinics in Quebec and Ontario and enjoy the most complete range of beauty and wellness treatments.

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