Augustinus Bader, beauty creams with dazzling success

Augustinus Bader, beauty creams with dazzling success

Last March, the feminist collective Sista confronted, during a video interview, eight of the biggest French bosses with questions generally reserved for women. “What is your morning routine? » had thus launched the journalist and actress Allison Chassagne to Xavier Niel, the founder of Iliad-Free (and co-shareholder of “Obs”). Hilarious, the entrepreneur replied: “I have a great product, it’s Augustinus Bader, a little cream, it’s crazy! »

Since its launch in 2018, the Augustinus Bader brand has experienced dazzling success, posting a turnover of 120 million in 2021. Patented TFC8 (Trigger Factor Complex 8) skincare products which present a mixture of natural amino acids, vitamins and synthetic versions of molecules naturally present in the skin, and which are the fruit of medical research by Pr Bader, doctor in cellular biology at the University of Leipzig, Germany.

The sequel after the ad

For thirty years, this scientist has focused his studies on stem cells and their self-healing properties for the skin. In 2008, he achieved the feat of treating the skin of a young girl with second and third degree burns, without any sequelae, thanks to his experimental healing gel.

Oh My Cream, a French label to unearth the cream of beauty creams

This “miracle” of science had then convinced the French businessman Charles Rosier to leave his post at Goldman Sachs to market the ointments of Professor Bader.

“He didn’t know much about the beauty market, but he confirmed to me that if his creams could prevent skin grafting in a child, they could also have an undeniable effectiveness on wrinkles. It gave him the idea to develop a brand,” says the investor.

Charles Rosier and Augustinus Bader, co-founders of the beauty brand (Jean Picon)
Charles Rosier and Augustinus Bader, the co-founders of the beauty brand (Jean Picon) (JEAN PICON)

Four years ago, the brand first launched a single product: The Cream, a light day care, responsible for stimulating skin cell renewal. Very quickly, he became the darling of the Hollywood elite, from Leonardo DiCaprio to Gwyneth Paltrow via Deepak Chopra, the pope of “wellness” American, Courteney Cox (became a minority investor) and even Kendall Roy, the fabulous character of the “Succession” series.

If efficiency has a price (79 euros for 15 ml!), this does not prevent the elixir from snapping up in Sephora stores around the world. For Charles Rosier, no doubt: “The products appeal because they are universal. They do not involve any question of age, ethnicity, skin type or allergic contraindication. They treat psoriasis, acne and wrinkles alike, improving overall skin health. »

Susanne Kaufmann, a pioneer of natural beauty

Since then, the range − rated 100/100 by the Yuka application − has expanded by welcoming in its ranks a serum, an oil, a cleansing gel for the face, a hair line… Which can now be found in stores like Oh My Cream! and in department stores. Pending the marketing of the famous original healing gel, currently in the testing phase, but promised to be available in pharmacies in a few years…

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