Dry hair: this super effective treatment protocol deeply hydrates and cares for the hair, it only costs 20€

Dry hair: this super effective treatment protocol deeply hydrates and cares for the hair, it only costs 20€

Stop everything, we tested the treatment protocol to find silky and really hydrated hair. Jean Louis David is at the origin of this new technology to be tested urgently.

We all know that hair is put to the test on a daily basis. The sun, stress, pollution, coloring… They are easily weakened. Results: they are dehydrated and devitalized. But instead of resigning yourself to saying goodbye to your dream hair – or cutting it all off on a whim – you just have to find THE treatment that deeply repairs the hair scales. Fortunately, Jean Louis David has developed the perfect citric acid treatment protocol: the Fitness Pro. We therefore entrusted our hair to the hands of an expert to test this technology.

Broken and dry hair: what treatment to adopt to repair them?

Because of the repeated scans and the summer, our hair requires specific care. They are increasingly dry and brittle. So how do you fix it without having to cut everything and grow them? No way to have lengths “rat-tail”. Jean Louis David has created a treatment protocol in the salon “to repair the weakened bonds of the hair”: FitnessPro. No, it is not a new sporting discipline but a treatment for sensitized hair, at only 20 euros.

Redken brand products, which make up the 5 steps of in-salon care, contain citric acid. Its role is “to strengthen the bonds to improve the resistance of the hair.” This cosmetic active ingredient is known for “strengthen the fiber and reduce breakage by 56%.” In the composition of hair products, there is also glycerin which brings “hydration for shine and softness” extreme.

Fitness pro: what are the steps of this hair care protocol?

How is the process? There are 5 key steps to complete for a duration of 45 minutes. We start with the shampoo dosed with 7% citric acid in order to strengthen the weakened bonds. Then we rinse the product. We continue with the application of theacid moisture concentrate which is made up of 10% glycerin. After leaving this treatment for 5 minutes, the hair is already very soft. You don’t have to rinse it. We then apply theacid protein concentrate which deeply strengthens dry hair thanks to its 7% protein content in its composition. It is necessary to put some only on the lengths and to wait 5 minutes that the product is impregnated well. This concentrated treatment is used in synergy with the spray acid ph sealer. The latter fixes the active ingredients in the hair for long-lasting shine and tone. Then the hair is rinsed with clear water. And finally, last step, we apply theacid bonding concentrate conditioner, in other words the after shampoo, which will revitalize the hair. After this protocol, the hairdresser proceeds to brushing and performs the beauty of your choice on your strengthened and shiny hair. The secret is to keep washing your hair with this range for an optimal result.

After 45 minutes of treatment step by stepthe hair appears much healthier. Say goodbye to small forks. To the touch, the hair is extremely soft. For the reluctant, this treatment did not weigh down the hair at all, quite the contrary. And the following days, the hair is incredibly beautiful and easy to style. We love !

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