Electrostimulation: choose the Compex brand

Electrostimulation: choose the Compex brand

No need to suffer anymore to have a muscular body. Electrostimulation appears to be a miracle solution for toning up your muscles without really getting tired. Compex electrostimulators guarantee you good results, provided of course that you use them properly.

Because of its many advantages, electrostimulation is attracting more and more athletes. Aware of this success, brands now offer a large number of electrostimulators. Specializing in the distribution of muscle stimulation products, Compex offers a wide range of products for athletes, regardless of their level. Its sophisticated and efficient devices have made it a reference brand in its field.

What is electrostimulation?

Also called electro-myostimulation (EMS), electrostimulation is a technique that involves sending electrical impulses to muscles to cause them to contract. In general, these impulses are produced by specific equipment and diffused through electrodes directly applied to the skin.

Although it may seem worrying, it is a gentle and natural method that does not present any danger to health. Electrostimulation makes it possible to work the muscles in a delicate way, without any joint being solicited. If there is equipment suitable for use at home, others, more advanced, are specially intended for hospitals and gyms.

The different types of electrostimulators available from Compex

Among the many brands that offer electrostimulators, Compex stands out for the quality and diversity of its devices. It offers a wide selection of products that combine innovation and performance. Compex mainly offers two ranges of electrostimulators: the fitness range and the sport range.

The fitness range is aimed at the general public, people who opt for fitness in particular. It consists of electrostimulators that mainly help sculpt and firm the body. They are easily identifiable by their blue color.

The sports range, on the other hand, offers physical preparation programs. It will therefore delight athletes who wish to gain muscle power and strength. Devices in this range sport dark colors.

Each Compex device has a number ranging from 1.0 to 8.0. The higher it is, the more features the electrostimulator has. Of course, the cost changes accordingly. Do not hesitate to consult a comparative table of Compex functions to make your choice when purchasing your electrostimulator.

Compex electrostimulation device

What are the benefits of electrostimulation?

Used in the field of sport as well as those of well-being and health, electrostimulation has spread thanks to its many benefits. She is useful during physical preparation to warm up the muscles and perform their training in the best conditions.

This technique promotes effective recovery after a session during which the muscles have been really solicited. It considerably reduces the risk of aches and muscle injuries. Of great help, the electrostimulation associated with a good training allows to obtain good results.

Finally, this technique is effective for working the deepest muscles difficult to access with conventional training. It allows you to improve these muscle areas with great ease. Electrostimulation is intended for both amateurs and professional athletes, but also for the medical profession.

How to choose the Compex product that suits you?

To select an electrostimulator adapted to your needs, you must first define your objectives. This will allow you to first determine the ideal range for you. Then take care to find out about the available programs to make sure they will meet your expectations.

Utilisation facility must also be taken into account. Some Compex electrostimulators are equipped with Wireless technology which makes them ergonomic, since they are wireless. A significant advantage, especially for those who like to travel with their gadget. To the same extent, high-end devices benefit from a color screen that makes them intuitive and easier to use.

It is also important to check the contents of the pack. It should contain enough electrodes for optimal use. Finally, take care to choose a device with A good price-performance ratio. At Compex, you can find high-performance electrostimulators at very reasonable prices.

How to use an electrostimulator to get better results?

To effectively use a Compex electrostimulator, certain elements must be taken into account:

  • the duration of use : it depends on your objectives and the intensity of the device. 20 minutes of electrical stimulation equals a 4 hour workout.
  • the frequency of use: electrostimulation must be carried out on a regular and constant basis. If one or two sessions are recommended for novices, experts can increase the pace while respecting the recovery periods.
  • intensity: it is best to choose it gradually to get used to the feeling. A strong intensity is nevertheless necessary to obtain good results.
  • the right position : electrostimulation is all the more effective when it is accompanied by small physical exercises. The ideal position will depend on the muscle used. You can refer to the user manual of your device.

It is useless to carry out electrostimulation sessions every day, the recovery phases are essential to achieve your goals. So develop a program that takes into account the regeneration of muscle fibers.

Ultimately, electrostimulation is an effective method to sculpt your body with ease. There’s nothing like a Compex device to accompany you during your sessions. Modern and efficient, it will optimize your muscle building.

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