energy, relaxation, harmony of body and mind

Salon des Thermalies 2023 : énergie, relaxation, harmonie du corps et de l

In a society that has barely emerged from two years of health restrictions, the sea appears to be an inexhaustible source of well-being: rejuvenation, escape, appeasement, relaxation, fitness, etc.

As we know, the virtues attributed to the ocean are multiple. With this in mind, thalassotherapy centers have designed cures that promote the free flow of energy while improving the harmony of body and mind. Here are some examples.

Roz Marine Thalasso Resort Perros Guirrec: immersion Land Sea
In a unique site in the world: the Pink Granite Coast, the Thermes Marins de Perros Guirec are reborn and become Roz Marine Thalasso Resort. On this coppery coast sculpted by the elements, the center’s team has concocted a specific program to optimize immunity and prevent burnout.

On the menu, 4 complete sports disciplines for the body and the mind: paddle or Pilates session to work on your balance and tone up, static apnea or yoga session to relearn how to breathe. All complemented by 4 specific and remineralising treatments per day.

It’s a real marine parenthesis to connect with the natural environment and the “in & out” marine benefits and recharge your batteries. 6 days / 24 treatments.

The Thermes Marins de Saint-Malo: sea stay and fitness
This year, the experts of the Thermes Marins de Saint Malo, a veritable thalassotherapy institution, have created a treatment program entirely dedicated to the beneficial virtues of seawater and marine products.

With 100% marine hydrotherapy treatments, this is “THE” stay for recharging your batteries and regaining vitality, fitness and tone at any age. On the program, the excellence of exclusive signature treatments (affusion massage, seaweed wrap, marine drainage, underwater shower, etc.).

Seawater will deliver all its benefits with personalized support from experts. 6 days/6 nights/24 treatments

Castel Clara Belle Île en Mer: mineral therapy treatment
In an idyllic setting for oxygenating and recharging one’s batteries, far from the hustle and bustle and polluted air, Castel Clara offers a cure for tired people, lacking energy, who need to recharge their batteries. .

Every day, the treatments deliver a quantity of minerals and trace elements into the body, especially marine magnesium, which acts on stress, the quality of sleep and muscle tension. A real anti-fatigue booster. 3 nights/3 days

Valdys Resort Hotel Thalasso & Spa: face, body and mind harmony stay
Valdys Resort Pornichet Baie de la Baule offers in 2023 a 100% relaxation cure by taking advantage of treatments based on marine resources.

This holistic program focuses on three dimensions: the face, the body and the mind, to allow you to (re)find perfect harmony and balance. It combines a series of remineralising treatments for a more radiant face and a relaxed body.

The individual sessions of body and mind balance, treat the interior in depth to lighten the spirit and provide a letting go. 6 days / 20 treatments.

Prevital Thalasso and Spa Marin Granville: balance treatment
Re-harmonize body and mind. Live a real letting go to regain inner well-being, thanks to this cure which combines energy treatments and the benefits of marine elements.

On the program: 1 body scrub with salt flakes, 2 sea mud wraps, 2 hydromassage baths, 1 seaweed bath, 2 aquagym lessons, 1 sea rain shower, 1 Zen attitude session, 2 hydro-sensory beds, 1 jet shower, 1 Japanese facial massage, 1 hot stone massage and 1 Ayurvedic massage. 4 days/16 treatments.

Emeria Dinard: My “second life” parenthesis
Overlooking the charming beach of Saint-Enogat and the coastal footpath, with a 180° view of the sea, Emeria Dinard has a unique location on the Jade Coast.

In 2023, the thalasso offers “My second life parenthesis”. This stay, designed for all those who wish to add life to their years, offers the keys to “well-being”, combined with the benefits of marine treatments, nutrition, beauty treatments and sleep.

On the menu: an interview with the dietician, 7 thalassotherapy treatments to regenerate your body, 3 gentle activities in a warm seawater pool to preserve your shape, a range of treatments to relax and take care of your skin. And to regain the good quality of sleep, micro-nap and luxtherapy sessions complete the program. 6 days / 6 nights, 24 treatments.

The Val André Marine Spa: the cloud ritual
In the heart of the Val André resort, facing the ocean, on one of the most beautiful fine sandy beaches on the Breton coast, Le Spa Marin du Val André offers a “Le Rituel Nuage” program.

In 90 minutes, this ritual brings together the quintessence of thalassotherapy treatments, to offer a prestigious, holistic and sensory treatment.

On the programme: 5 treatments all carried out in the same cabin: a bath with spirulina or infusions, a peeling with brown sugar, rich in vitamin E, a 20-minute massage, a wrap with spirulina blue algae cream or moisturizing wax and the application of a face mask based on hyaluronic acid, accompanied by a scalp massage.

The ritual ends with the application of a firmness and hydration booster serum, and with energizing Kobido maneuvers.


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