Eudemonia: the brand that places emotion at the heart of beauty

Eudemonia: the brand that places emotion at the heart of beauty

We caught up with Jason and Ha-Thanh, founders of cosmetics brand Eudemonia. With products that are accessible and suitable for everyone, Eudemonia wants to help its consumers to take care of both their body and their mind!

Hello Jason and Ha-Thanh, could you introduce yourselves?

Hello, I’m Jason, I’m 25 years old and am a graduate of emlyon. After having chained experiences in strategy and business development, I took my courage in both hands and got into entrepreneurship, something I’ve always dreamed of doing. But I would never have thought that my first company would be in the cosmetics sector. And to think that two years ago, I didn’t use a single care product for my skin! You would see my bathroom today, it’s the alibaba cave version Sephora!

Hello, I’m Ha-Thanh, I’m 25 years old and am graduated from the School of Industrial Biology. From a very young age, I have always been passionate about cosmetics and perfumes. Growing up, this passion never left me and led me to study in the formulation of cosmetic products. A dream come true! After an incredible experience with a cosmetics subcontractor and a diploma in my pocket, here I am on the job market looking for a job. Nothing destined me for entrepreneurship but things made me embark on the adventure!

What are the beginnings of the Eudemonia project?

The beginnings, I would say audacity and a meeting. For my part, I took care of my skin for the first time during the 1er confinement in 2020. And what satisfaction and well-being it gave me! I said to myself that I had to dig into the field of cosmetics and well-being. But without real knowledge of the sector, it was impossible. I started looking for beauty experts and that’s where I came across Ha-Thanh’s profile on LinkedIn, perfect stranger, we didn’t even have a relationship in common. It all started with a wobbly PM asking for advice and here we are 18 months later, co-founders of a wellness brand!

What does Eudemonia actually consist of?

Eudemonia means taking your well-being into account when caring for your skin. We started from the observation that current cosmetics brands are overselling us products with ever more miraculous active ingredients, which cost us an arm and which do not work. Why ? Because there are other factors that strongly impact our skin such as our emotions and our inner well-being. For example when we are stressed, imperfections will appear. When we are tired, our complexion is duller. Or even when we have a lack of self-confidence, it develops skin hypersensitivity in us. It is to integrate the impact of our emotions on our skin that we created Eudemonia.

What is Eudemonia’s strength compared to existing businesses?

With Eudemonia, we bring real meaning to our beauty. Most cosmetic brands focus their products around the aesthetic benefits they provide. Our priority for us is to put our person back at the center of priorities by developing products that are good for our mind and our body. Our beauty is defined in the global sense of the term and includes fulfillment, confidence and the pleasure of taking care of oneself.. We create support and a holistic ritual to strengthen the well-being of our consumers.

Since the creation of your project, what has been the most significant moment?

It’s hard to choose just one… There was the creation of the company, the feedback from the beta testers, the meeting of our partners and the funding obtained. Not to mention the support and help provided on a daily basis by those around us!

What are the different steps to start creating an e-commerce brand?

Firstly, define the vision and mission that we wanted to give to Eudemonia. These are the elements that allowed us to guide our design of the first products. Then follows the entire phase of research and development around the products. We went through dozens of trials, hundreds of beta testing before being completely satisfied with the formula and the effectiveness of our products. And finally comes the creation of our community led by experts in beauty and well-being.

The main difficulties you have encountered since you started?

Convince ourselves that we are ready and legitimate to enter the market because we have been working on the creation of Eudemonia and we are never quite satisfied with our products. We redid the formulations dozens and dozens of times, redefined the visuals of the packaging, worked on the development of our community. But, by comparing ourselves to the brands already established on the market, we constantly have the impression of being still perfectible and of not being up to these brands. But with time, we were able to gain confidence in ourselves and recognize that Eudemonia has a place to be in the sector.

How many are you currently in

The team is made up of the 2 co-founders and Clara, our communications trainee. Not long ago, we welcomed a 4th person to the team as an alternate in Research & Development. Being recent graduates, we know what students can go through when looking for experience. This is why, even before paying our first salary, we wanted to reinvest the little funds we had raised for the project in the apprenticeship of young talents.

As founders, what are the tasks that you occupy respectively?

We are real Swiss Army knives! One day in the lab, another in the office and then some time criss-crossing trade shows and meeting suppliers to find the best resources for the development of our brand.. We really touch on all aspects of the business possible. I would say that our strength is coming from two totally different backgrounds. Although we have our expertise, it’s a real plus to have someone’s outside opinion, both than Ha-Thanh on the marketing of Eudemonia than Jason on the formulation of the products.

In your opinion, what are the qualities that make a good entrepreneur?

Be organized and attentive. Constantly questioning yourselftake a step back and stay optimistic!

What are Eudemonia’s current and future projects? How do you see the next few years?

We have lots of projects for Eudemonia! Since the beginning of October, we have been present on Ulule where we offer presales holistic boxes in partnership with very beautiful brands such as My Lubie, Yogom Yoga or Wonderbox. This crowdfunding campaign will end at the end of November to make way for the launch of the e-shop. At the same time, we are approaching retailers and concept stores that share our holistic vision of well-being to establish ourselves there and are working on the development of future products.

Our ambitions for the next few years? Develop a wellness center, an ecosystem dedicated to well-being that will bring together different areas of expertise to offer tailor-made support. And set up our own R&D laboratory to formulate future products.

With Eudemonia, we want to shake up the codes of beauty and to be a pioneer in wellness and holistic beauty.

Any advice to give to students / recent graduates who would like to launch a project, whatever it is?

Be well accompanieddo not hesitate to talk about the difficulties encountered and above all believe in yourself.

The final word ?

Take care of yourself ! Not only your body, but also your mental health !

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