Hair care after 50: the secrets of the pros to rejuvenate it

Hair care after 50: the secrets of the pros to rejuvenate it

Here’s how to take care of your hair after 50…

We can thank the famous women who have chosen to keep their hair white and have made it a real cultural phenomenon: it is partly thanks to them that hair care for women over 50 is on the rise. Between advances in science and the beauty industry’s realization of the need to meet the needs of aging hair, now is the perfect time to look at solutions that help preserve thickness and texture. your hair after 50. This, despite the challenges of time, drastic hormonal changes, periods of intense stress and more. Three experts take stock of aging hair and solutions to make it stronger, longer, softer and shinier.

What happens when the scalp and hair age?

Over time, hair will inexorably change. As explained Debra Linexpert in hair science and scientific manager of the skincare brand Better Not Youngerhair loss accelerates, hair growth slows down, frizz appears, it becomes drier, volume decreases and pigmentation decreases, resulting in the appearance of white or gray hair”. In addition to the effects of age, for women, there are those of the transition to menopause, which generally occurs between the ages of 45 and 55. “The hormonal changes associated with menopausecontinues the specialist, can have an impact on the production of sebum, which can lead to increased dryness of the scalp, weakening of the hair and a potential increase in sensitivity to DHT (dihydrotestosterone), often associated with hair loss. hair when estrogen levels decline.“For his part, Bridgitte Hillcertified trichologist and founder of Root Cause Scalp Analysis, emphasizes that the slightest hormonal change can have a heavy impact on the scalp. “As we age, she explains, and don’t groom, our aging scalps cause hair follicles to deteriorate. In short, the scalp undergoes changes similar to those of the skin of the face.

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How to optimize vigor and growth?

When it comes to hair health, you have to think holistically, taking into account scalp care, hair protection and proper nutrition. It is essential to realize the importance of the scalp and to meet its basic needs (cleansing, exfoliation and hydration) at any age, but especially when one reaches fifty. “Hair is an extension of the scalpremember Bridgitte Hill. The more stability of the microbiome and skin barrier of the scalp is maintained, the better it will function, reducing the risk of unwanted scalp conditions and therefore hair loss.” To remove congestion (such as the build-up of natural oils and styling products), gently massage the scalp, simply with your fingertips or with a soft brush, such as the brush Manta, and cleanse thoroughly with a mild shampoo if necessary. Hair tends to be more porous with age, which can make it more brittle, too. Gaby LongsworthDoctor of Hair Sciences, Certified Practitioner and Founder of the Natural Hair Blog Absolutely Everything Curlyshe recommends avoiding shampoos that contain sulfates because they can “cause or aggravate frizz, dryness and yellowing of white hair”.

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To help re-energize the scalp, consider following up with a gentle, nutrient-rich scalp product, such as Serum Anti-Hair Fall of Dr. Barbara Sturm where the Tonucia Natural Filler Concentrated Youth of Rene Furterer. For extra hydration and protection, adding a lightweight, moisturizing leave-in treatment to your strands can help repair and smooth the cuticle. But don’t forget: less is more.Be gentle with your hair and scalp, Debra Lin insists, don’t overload it with product. By lightly distributing the lotion on the hair or by spreading it on your hands before applying it, you reduce the risk of weighing down the hair. hair, and you can add more as needed. A small amount of product can already do a lot!“If you haven’t made the resolution to keep your natural white hair, consider that making the transition has many benefits. Chemical dyes weaken the hair and make it more brittle. By opting for more natural hair, you will maintain its length and thickness while preserving the health of your scalp. Finally, a balanced diet and/or dietary supplements can help provide the building blocks, essential vitamins and minerals, and energy needed for healthy hair. For strong hair, foods rich in iron, zinc, vitamin C, B vitamins and omega-3s are recommended. To fill nutritional gaps, Gaby Longsworth recommends for its part to take daily multivitamins and collagen supplements, the latter being particularly interesting because the body produces 50% less collagen around the age of fifty.

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How to style aging hair to give it relief and volume?

White hair has more space at the cuticles, and therefore the molecules of the conditioner penetrate quickly and in greater quantity.“, Explain Gaby Longsworth. As a result, she suggests women with thinner or thinning hair avoid or use leave-in conditioners and treatments sparingly.“Too much product will weigh the hair down and cause it to stick to the scalp, making it look even flatter”, she adds. When it comes to giving lift and volume, not all volumizing products are created equal, especially for older hair. “Aging hair is often brittle, dry and fine, which means products that add volume by roughening the cuticle and drying out the hair can further weaken it.So it’s best to opt for products designed for your hair type and texture. Thickening products, such as spray Lift Me Up of Better Not Younger where the Blue Magnifier of R+Co, instantly help plump hair with volumizing ingredients like biotin. Of course, heated styling tools can also be used to achieve volume, but proceed with caution. “Heat can traumatize strands and damage them, especially when applied directly to wet hair“, warns Debra Linwhich recommends gently drying them with a towel or hair dryer on low heat, combined with a heat protectant spray, to defend the hair against thermal aggression while softening and conditioning it .

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Translated by Chantal Bloom

Article originally published on Vogue US.


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