Halloween: this Twilight-inspired beauty trend is going to cause a stir!

Halloween: cette tendance beauté inspirée de Twilight va faire sensation !

Do you like Twilight? You’ll love this beauty trend that will have you looking like a vampire as Halloween approaches.

Ever wanted to look like Edward or Jacod from Twilight for Halloween? Well now it’s possible thanks to this beauty tip. MCE TV explains everything from A to Z!

This beauty trend that will turn you into a Twilight character

Clowns, the ghosts, witches don’t make you dream for Halloween? Why not turn into vampires straight out of Twilight ?

And to achieve this, you don’t need a big disguise. Nope, just go to TikTok and follow this beauty tip, the Vampire Skin, literally.

With its 37 million people having used it, the Vampire Skin is very trendy on the platform. And for good reason, It’s perfect for Halloween which is fast approaching.

The principle ? Make up so as to to have the glittery skin of a vampire in the light of the sun. But rest assured, to perform this technique, you will only need two products: foundation and a liquid highlighter.

So just mix your foundation with a few drops of liquid highlighter. Then you can apply it all over your face for an ultra glowy result.

Finally, to complete it all, you can still illuminate the usual parts with a powder highlighter. You can even add colored lenses to your look and you’re set for the evening of October 31st.

But, if you don’t like the vampire disguise, you can also go for a Jeffrey Dahmer look. Indeed, this is the theme that was chosen in this nightclub in Aix-en-Provence. MCE TV tells you more!

@imonaugust If you guys want to go as a Cullen for Halloween, just add orange contact lenses 🧛‍♀️✨ #glitter #makeup #twilight #tutorial ♬ Supermassive Black Hole (Twilight Soundtrack Version) – Muse

A Halloween Party on Jeffrey Dahmer

Halloween is approaching and party organizers are already starting to rack their brains to find a theme for the evening of October 31. For this nightclub in Aix-en-Provence, the theme is ready.

Indeed, Le Complexe nightclub has already shared its theme for the Halloween Party: Jeffrey Dahmer. It is, neither more nor less, than of a cannibalistic serial killer who was the subject of a Netflix series and a documentary not long ago.

The trend around this man is such that his glasses were bought at the price of gold at auction. Eh yes, a fan spent no less than 150,000 euros to acquire them.

In short, there was a real desire on the side of the fans to dress up as him for Halloween. It is therefore on the basis of this observation that this nightclub chose its evening theme.

But now, it did not pass with the fans. “The COMPLEX nightclub in Aix en Provence is promoting a Halloween party called ‘Dahmer is back’. In their promotion of it, they publish the real photos of the murders of the killer. THIS CAN’T PASS”posted a fan.

“Adapting Jeffrey Dahmer’s story is the worst idea Netflix could have had now you end up with people making jokes, dressing up and not taking it seriously a pedophile cannibal who killed and ate black and racialized people”said another.

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