How many pounds has she lost? She says it all!

How many pounds has she lost?  She says it all!

It’s a Valérie Damidot well in her sneakers with whom the magazine “Paris Match” had the chance to talk recently. The opportunity for the host to come back in detail on her weight loss. And on his relationship to his body.

In 2006, the general public met Valérie Damidot thanks to the M6 ​​program then dubbed by the French, D&CO. Today a television woman, actress and ambassador for a major diet brand, we named Weight Watchers, the 57-year-old host is in total harmony with her body. And it’s in the magazine Paris Matchwho went to meet her, that she decided to talk about it during an exclusive interview given at an event organized by the firm she represents.

To keep in shape, Valérie Damidot “give goals”

Very comfortable with questions from our colleagues, Valérie Damidot does not beat around the bush. “Sometimes it doesn’t take much to feel better. Indulging yourself is not a dirty word (…) When you take care of yourself, suddenly everything else is better. It’s a virtuous circle”she starts this interview.

Before continuing very sure of it: “I don’t like when there is the word constraint. It’s not my character. I rather give myself goals (…) I don’t give myself any rules, I’m not very good at rules. I give myself goals. And no question for this mother of two children, Norman and Roxanne (with whom she has played in the past in the series Victory Bonnot), to feel an ounce of guilt after eating. “It’s rare that I feel guilty about anything. It is true that at the beginning of a diet, you are a little lost. You quickly get used to this food hygiene, finally you crack less, you no longer want itshe confesses.

If the star has lost weight, it is also for the needs of his career. Indeed, in a previous interview with TV Staron the sidelines of his show Valérie Damidot exposes herselfshe explained:I had to lose weight before getting on the boards, otherwise I would die.

Valérie Damidot: how many pounds lost?

And about her current relationship with her body, again, Valérie Damidot is very clear: “I’m super happy because I’m really less tired. I’m on treatment for hyperthyroidism. It was complicated for me because everyone told me it was going to be difficult to lose weight”. And the star, in a relationship with the discreet Régis Viogeat, to add: “But I didn’t want to lose fifty kilos in two days. I’ve been following the program for a year and a half, I lost seventeen kilos”. But, to read it, it has not yet fully achieved its goal. “I still have five kilos in my sights to lose”she admits.

However, no more question for the one who willingly admits to still having a guilty pleasure, “cheese”to pay attention to the derogatory comments about his weight lying around on the Web: “At first it pissed me off to be reduced to that. After that it passed. I’m too old, I don’t care”. On good terms!

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