How to recover from a breakup?

Se remettre d'une rupture amoureuse

A breakup is a difficult event to go through. A period of mourning is necessary to accept and many conflicting emotions must be managed. It can be very overwhelming, but there are things you can do to help you heal faster.

Accept what happens to you

” Why ? Why is this happening to me? This is a question that you are probably asking yourself following your breakup. Yet, before looking for an answer, one must first accept what happened. It can seem difficult, even impossible when you are heartbroken. And yet, it is essential.

Because yes, a breakup is synonymous with pain and heartbreak. But we must not forget that it is an event that is part of life. Everyone can be a victim of it at one time or another. By accepting what is happening to you, you realize that it is not the end of the world and that you will be able to overcome this ordeal and move forward.

Of course, that doesn’t mean you’ll never have to cry again or feel heartbroken thinking about your ex. But at least you’ll be able to face the facts and take a step back from what happened. It will then be easier for you to turn the page and rebuild your life after this breakup!

Don’t isolate yourself

Have you ever been in love or in love? If so, you probably know that it is one of the most beautiful things that can happen to you. But it’s not always rosy and sometimes we find ourselves facing a breakup. It’s a difficult time to live and it’s normal to feel sad, anxious or angry. You should not be alone with your emotions and try to find people to talk to to try to overcome this difficult period more easily.

The first thing to do when going through a breakup is not to isolate yourself. We tend to want to withdraw into ourselves, but that does not help to get better. On the contrary, it can make things worse because we then find ourselves all alone with our thoughts and emotions. It is better to go out, see friends and do activities so that you do not think too much about the situation.

Talking about what you are going through with people you trust can be a good way to get out of it. It’s not always easy to open your heart, but it can ease some of the pain you feel. You can also choose to write what you feel to try to express what you are experiencing and to see it more clearly.

Time is an excellent healer: you have to leave time to time. The pain will decrease little by little and everything will eventually get better. In the meantime, you can find plenty of activities that can do you good: taking care of yourself (sport, relaxation, etc.), enjoying your family and/or friends, etc. There are also professionals (psychologists, etc.) who can support if you feel the need.

Grieve your relationship

It’s normal to feel sad, angry and confused after a breakup. However, you don’t have to get stuck in these emotions and grieve your relationship in order to move forward.

The grieving process is different for everyone and you shouldn’t compare yourself to other people in this. Some people can move on quickly, while others take longer. The important thing is that you stick to your own pace and don’t force yourself to go faster than you’re ready to go.

There are several stages through which you will probably have to pass:

  • shock and denial,
  • anger,
  • sadness,
  • acceptance.

It’s not always a linear process; you can feel several emotions at the same time or go back.

Here are some tips that can help you grieve your relationship:

  • Take care of yourself physically and mentally: eat healthy, exercise and try to get enough sleep. Take time to do activities that make you happy and that allow you to relax. Reconnect to yourself!
  • Talk (or write) about how you feel: this can be with a close friend, a family member or even a professional if necessary. You have to express what you feel instead of keeping all these emotions inside you. Internalizing these feelings will not have a beneficial effect on your mind, you have to “drop the bags”.
  • Do activities to occupy your mind: like reading, watching movies or series, playing games… This will help occupy your mind so that you are not constantly thinking about your ex or your past relationship, and it puts you back moving.

learn to love yourself

Once you have accepted the situation, you can start working on yourself. Learn to love and respect yourself. Take care of yourself physically and mentally. Do things that make you happy and that help you grow as a person. Take a good look!

This process is not easy, but you must remember that you are the only person responsible for your happiness. Your ex cannot and should not be the main source of your joy. By learning to love yourself, you will be able to build a healthy and balanced relationship with someone else when the time is right.

Find an activity that makes you feel good

One of the best things you can do is find an activity that makes you feel good. It can be anything from sports to reading to music or yoga. The important thing is that this activity helps you feel better about yourself and forget your ex a bit. It will ground you in the present.

If you’re having trouble finding an activity that makes you feel good, try doing something new. Explore new horizons, go on a journey, meet new people and discover new things. You will be surprised at the well-being it can bring you!

Take the time to do the things you love that make you happy. It may seem obvious, but a lot of people forget what they like to do when they’re in a relationship. Take advantage of your freedom to rediscover the activities that make you happy and that make your heart beat. Focus on them to get over your ex for a bit and get over that breakup more!

Take care of your body

Taking care of yourself physically after a breakup is also a point that should not be overlooked. This can be difficult, as we tend to neglect our body and our health when we are sad. Yet taking care of yourself can help you feel better and heal faster.

Here are some tips to help you:

  • Take time to rest and relax. Do things that you enjoy and that make you feel good. It can be a good time to exercise, as it helps release endorphins, the happiness hormones.
  • Go on vacation, even alone, you don’t know what the future holds for you and you can experience new adventures!
  • Eat well and avoid unhealthy foods that only make depression symptoms worse. Take the time to cook healthy and nutritious meals, or go out to eat if you don’t feel like cooking, or have it delivered! You really deserve it !
  • Drink plenty of water and avoid alcohol and other substances that only make the situation worse. Alcohol may seem like a temporary fix, but it only makes things worse in the long run.
  • Talk to a therapist or close friend if you need emotional support. Remember that you are not alone in this difficult situation and talking to someone can make all the difference.

There is no single answer to the question “How to recover from a breakup? ”, because each person reacts differently to such a situation. Nevertheless, try to take the time to mourn this relationship before embarking on a new love affair.

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