“I am a professor of hair beauty”: meeting with the star of Monegasque hairdressers Rossano Ferretti

"I am a professor of hair beauty": meeting with the star of Monegasque hairdressers Rossano Ferretti

His name is associated with that of stars and crowned heads. And it is with the simplicity of a man who measures and masters all the codes of elegance that Rossano Ferretti welcomes his first clients to the hairdressing salon he opened on Monday October 10 at the Thermes Marins Monte-Carlo.

A Monegasque resident for five years, he has definitely given up driving and likes to walk around this city-state of which he knows how to perceive the best.

Now 62 years old, the apprentice hairdresser from Parma has built an empire where luxury comes naturally. In his profession, he reinvented everything. The shampoo and the head massage, the signature cut called invisible, the hair products resulting from cosmetic research, the brush that detangles without pulling the hair.

From Monaco, his new home port, he continues his success story.

Meeting with Rossano Ferretti.

Is your hairdressing salon destined to be long-term here in Monte-Carlo?

Yes, all life! I think there is a bright future here, with the SBM and the Thermes Marins Monte-Carlo. We have a common idea of ​​exclusivity. The Rossano Ferretti brand works with the best hotels in the world. We have changed the vision of the hair salon to make it a place that offers luxury and exclusivity. I defended the idea of ​​made-to-measure beauty thirty-five years ago when we only heard about fashion and trends. Today, everyone seeks to speak our language.

Are you as much a hairdresser for men as for women?

Absolutely. Beauty is not feminine. It concerns everyone.

How do you explain your success story?

I invented everything I do today. I created the invisible haircut that is made all over the world today, I built a form to shampoo, to welcome clients to a salon,… I am happy to be one of the men who have contributed to changing the hairstyle during the last half-century.

What made you the hairdresser of the stars?

Nothing ; to be myself.

And how do you become the star of hairdressers?

I don’t know what a star is. We work every day to stay there. Success is a word I don’t know. I have the same emotion today as the first day I started hairdressing, in Parma, at the age of 14. It’s a privilege to be able to do what you love. I just try, every day, to improve myself and to share my culture of life with my collaborators. I believe that if I have to speak of success, it would be that of my teams in the twenty or so salons that I have opened around the world and where I cannot work regularly.

Only twenty?

Yes, it is a choice. Normally, when I open a room, I close another one. I can’t go over twenty-five because afterwards I lose control.

Why hair salons in hotels?

I provide one service among others. I cannot offer what these luxury establishments can provide. I’m not a starred restaurateur, I don’t have a hotel service culture around me, I don’t have a spa that offers the best in skin care like here. I called my salon ‘Hair spa’ over twenty years ago for hair health with a hugely successful hair line. I need to practice in a hotel with a spa because I find my philosophy there.

Hair care is not your job…

I cast seven lines in total. I am a hair beauty teacher. To develop my products, I went to a laboratory specialized in skin care because technology and research are much more advanced. In the beauty market, only 10% concerns the hair, against 90% for the skin.

What makes your brand identity?

Naturalness is in my bible. I’m here to please. I want to give customers time. And give my employees the opportunity to pursue the career of their dreams. All this translates into customer and hairdresser loyalty that is unique in the world. 92% of professionals are still with me twenty years later. For example, at the Thermes Marins show, the artistic director, Silvia Lanari, has worked with me for more than 15 years.


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