I tested this well-being massage which promises a flat stomach and tapered legs

Elodie Le Gall

To refine and feel better in your body, lymphatic drainage is a massage that has it all. Flat stomach, slender legs, feeling of lightness… We tested it for you. Here are its many benefits and before/after images.

You have certainly not missed the method Renata Francaa massage trend that everyone has been talking about for a few months. Under this nebulous name hides in reality much more than a simple massage. It is indeed a lymphatic drainage which is certainly much softer than those usually provided (and therefore more accessible), but which does not lose its many beneficial effects on our well-being and the appearance of our body.

This full body massage, rather tonic and intense, has definitely nothing to do with Californian type relaxing massages which are just moments of relaxation. Made for promote the natural elimination of waste from our body and improving our blood circulation, it reveals various and varied benefits. In addition to firming the skin, it is also useful for solving many more or less annoying problems on a daily basis. And the very good news is that these effects are visible immediately, at least in part.

One massage, a host of benefits

By boosting the body’s natural mechanisms, it will reduce the Water retention – and relieve the feeling of heavy legs – and cellulite, which helps to refine the body. The results can be visible from the first session, in other words, it is attractive. If your curves are at the level of the belly because of bloatingit is still him that you need because it acts against constipation and promotes transit to deflate the abdomen. Offering a real “reset” of the body in times of fatigue (when the body has trouble eliminating), it is also capable ofimprove your sleep. This clever massage is also to be tried when you start losing weight or want to support your dietary efforts during a diet or a food rebalancing because it activates the metabolism. Finally, it sometimes manages to relieve menstrual pain, including that due to endometriosis. In short, a test was needed.

Lymphatic drainage, what to expect?

The technique is based on the combination of pressure and smoothing movements which direct all the toxins present in the body to the lymph nodes. The latter being located at the top of the thighs, on the sides of the lower abdomen and close to the armpits, the massage provided is carried out member by member, always in this sense.

My opinion

I went to the Les Jolies Pommettes institute to test this trendy massage. Effectively more invigorating than a classic massage, the Renata Franca method remains gentle and the pressure exerted by the masseuse is neither painful nor unpleasant.
That being said, the feeling of the massage greatly depends on how interested the practitioner is in your feeling throughout the massage hour, which is why I recommend that you do your research on the institute where you are considering. to make it happen. At Les Jolies Pommettes, you are regularly asked if the pressure is right for you and how you feel to be sure that you are also benefiting from the treatment to relax. A point that guarantees a good experience. Focused on the legs, arms and stomach, the massage is energizing. I find thatyou can feel the stimulated points when the masseuse brings the toxins back to the lymph nodes, but I’m very attentive to my body so I guess the feeling depends on each person.

To benefit from all the benefits mentioned just before, you will not have much to do except place some movements during the massage to allow the masseuse to properly stimulate the drainage. So don’t be surprised if she sometimes asks you to put your hands on your chest or above your head, to bend your legs or even to draw in your stomach and take deep breaths before exhaling in an exaggerated way when it works the belly and brings all the toxins to the colon. It is then possible that your body emits some noises, it is completely normal.

The good news if you are afraid of being bothered by these manipulations or the noises of your body is that lymphatic drainage is a treatment during which you can talk with the practitioner, which avoids silences that are sometimes badly experienced.

In terms of results, I felt very lighter after the treatment and I was able to enjoy an appreciable and lasting feeling of well-being, which lasted for several days. I was too less swollen on the different areas of the body worked, whether on the stomach or arms. But for me, the effects were especially visible on the legs just after the massage: my legs were visibly refined.

Drainage: the before / after in pictures

Lymphatic drainage: before / after in the stomach

Lymphatic drainage: before / after on the legs

The editor’s favorite address

Need a good address for lymphatic drainage? We recommend the Les Jolies Pommettes institute. I really enjoyed the intimate setting of this unique beauty salon, which looks more like a Parisian apartment than an institute. Between cozy decoration and small rooms that allow maximum tranquility, the address has a crazy charm.

What you need to know before starting

  • This is a full body massage only

If you don’t want to be manipulated around your stomach, for example, be aware that drainage is a treatment that can only be considered for the whole body (legs, stomach and arms) and that it cannot be done in part. Take this into account before making an appointment.

  • Schedule monthly appointments

Even if you can immediately see certain areas of your body become more refined and you will feel better afterwards since the first visible results are visible at the end of the treatment, this type of massage is more like a monthly ritual. The recommended frequency is indeed a massage once a month.

  • It is possible during pregnancy

Contrary to what one might think, this type of massage is also recommended for pregnant women. It is even particularly interesting because during the last 3 months of pregnancy, the baby sometimes interferes a little with the natural circulation of the lymph in the body due to its volume.

Pro tips to make the benefits of drainage last

The drainage test was also an opportunity to get lots of advice from the masseuse to make the benefits of the Renata Franca method last as long as possible. Here is what Léa from the Les Jolies Pommettes institute recommended to me:
– drink plenty of water to help the kidneys eliminate toxins since we have just stimulated their elimination.
– do not drink alcohol the same day or the next day (ie for 48 hours) so as not to put a dose of toxins back into the body too quickly.
– do sports within 48 hours to further promote the elimination of toxins.
– practice dry brushing to stimulate elimination otherwise at home between two drainages.
– try the stomach vacuum, a self-massage of the abdomen to deflate the belly even more when you want to stimulate the drainage of toxins between drainages.


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