My hair routine after summer

BACK TO SUMMER: hair care routine after summer

BACK TO SUMMER: hair care routine after summer

This summer was scorching, I bathed a lot in salt water and particularly chlorinated water, I sweated a lot, in short, I’m not drawing you a picture this summer, my hair has grown bad !

However, I have a really cool hair type: they are very thick, rather flexible without lathering too much and I don’t dye them. My hair, I love it, in all sincerity it’s one of my favorite parts of me. I pamper them without overdoing it, because on a daily basis I must admit that they are very cooperative. I also had the tips cut off just before going on vacation, so that they are really on top.

What results then after a month of intensive swimming, hiking to sweat under my hat, and hair tied up in a hurry?

Well, I limited the damage, but all the same, they suffered: they are much drier than usual, less easy to comb, my scalp, which is very sensitive, remembers my good memories with the return of so many dreaded itching, and a tendency to regrease more quickly.

Result, back home, I tripped the Orsec plan to find my pretty hair before! I explain to you how?

BACK TO SUMMER: hair care routine after summer

♥︎ As they are the right length as I like, I did not do cut the pointsbut otherwise, I would not have hesitated!

♥︎ To soothe my scalp, I use very very very mild shampoos, my favorite being the Ultra-Doux from Garnier with chamomile, but if you prefer more quality brands, you can choose a hair care product on for example, and find it in a hair salon or in a store. Anyway, I always use very little, first shampoo, and I rinse well. Then I move on to the second step, with my savior shampoo, adopted more than 6 years ago and which is perfect: Davines Purifying Shampoo. There, as I am in the attack phase, I use it almost every other shampoo, but then I can space it out a bit.

♥︎ To fight against dryness, I regularly take vegetable oil baths and masks. Not systematically, but once a week is already good. I leave it on as much as possible, all night for the oils, and at least half an hour for the masks, it really feels good. Afterwards, it is necessary to rinse well, and the hair is soft.

♥︎ I try tospace out shampoos as much as possible, every 3-4 days is fine. But I’m aware that it’s not always easy, I’m lucky to live outside the city, without a lot of pollution. I went to Paris last week, just one day, and my hair was all dirty when I got back!

♥︎ And finally, I favor a air drying hairto avoid over-weakening the hair fiber which has suffered this summer.

BACK TO SUMMER: hair care routine after summer

And now, little by little, I think it’s getting better. My hair is softer and shinierand especially my scalp is less sensitive. All that’s missing is a little scissoring on the ends next month, and I’ll have my usual beautiful hair back!

And you, what do you do for your hair after the summer? Any advice to share? I’m curious to read you!

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