Seine et Marne. Reikizena: unique services with Japanese techniques and massages

Seine et Marne.  Reikizena: unique services with Japanese techniques and massages

Reiki and lahochi treatments, and well-being massages offered by Reikizena
Reiki and lahochi treatments, and wellness massages offered by Reikizena ©Pixabay

the adventure reiki begins several years ago for Marie, a passionate and curious woman. A pharmacy technician for 22 years, one day she discovered this little-known technique at her neighbour’s: “I was amazed by the technique and the result. I found it interesting to be able to work with his hands and energy. I realized that you could do it on yourself and on others too. When she tries this method for the first time, Marie feels tired, but soon she feels the benefits. This is where she tells herself that if it works on her, it can work on others.

distant origins

But before getting to the heart of the matter, you may be wondering what is reiki? Well, it’s a energy art of Japanese origin, developed by Mikao Usui at the end of the 19th centurye century. Reiki is the method of putting or reconnecting the universal energy with the vital force specific to each of us. When she encounters reiki, for Marie, it is the revelation and the continuity of her life objective, to do good to people.

The launch of his own box

After having tested this Japanese technique, Marie decides to do several two-day training sessions, to learn the basics necessary for the practice: “I did an introduction to reiki with a reiki master. This initiation makes it possible to receive the energy and to learn more about it. This training allowed me to learn about myself and about others too, because the reactions are all different “. This training will then allow him to launch his own business to offer wellness treatments including reiki, two years ago now. Before starting, she was able to practice with those around her on simple things, such as colds or migraines, and on deeper things such as emotions, muscle and joint pain or even head trauma. After trying out her hand, she launches Reikizena, when she did not think of doing that one day: “I did not imagine myself doing that at all. At first, I was doing it for myself and I realized that I could provide more than just listening, I could relieve people and that, I love. I always told myself that things happen when they have to happen.

Reiki and Lahochi healing

Reikizena then offers various treatments ranging from reiki, lahochi or more common massages such as relaxing massage and seated massage. At home, she offers the reiki technique, for an hour, with the aim of bringing energy to the other and filling the energy gaps that are lacking. The energy will then go where it needs to and will allow a total liberation of the body and the emotions. Reiki will bring well-being, relaxation, energy. It also allows you to learn how to better manage your emotions,” says Marie. Reiki is developing more and more, and even in hospitals. In the United States, a study revealed a 78% reduction in pain for patients who received reiki treatment over a three-year period. In Spain, cancer patients reported reduced disease-related anxiety and distress. The reduction of anxiety allowed by a reiki treatment seems to act on the general functioning of the body, provoking considerable benefits. But reiki is not the only technique rich in benefits. Indeed, Marie also uses the lahochi, which is also a very powerful technique of healing energy transmitted by the laying on of the hands. It allows access to a greater understanding and use of the universal energy of life for oneself and to help others. The lahochi allows accessing and integrating subtle healing energies at higher frequencies. It restructures and balances the bodies, especially when there has been trauma in the emotional body. The lahochi makes it possible to act in depth on the emotions. We do longer positions, which last about ten minutes, unlike reiki,” explains the pharmacy assistant. It happens to Marie to combine the two techniques, according to the reaction and the needs of the person. These natural techniques, which use energy, are rich in benefits. So if you haven’t tried them yet, you can, with Reikizena!

More famous treatments

In addition to offering reiki and lahochi, Marie has set up relaxing and seated massages. The relaxing massage, also called Californian massage, is done on a table, going from the toes to the scalp. The Californian massage is a global approach, which aims to relax and awaken a psychocorporal consciousness. This massage uses long, slow and fluid movements, which allow deep relaxation, both mental and physical. As for the seated massage, it is done on a special chair and is used for relaxation purposes. It eliminates stress, fatigue and pain and also activates the circulation of energy in the body. This practice is developing more and more to fight against stress. It is mainly used in business. “I haven’t yet worked in large companies, but I would very much like to develop it,” confides Marie. So if you want to give your employees a moment of relaxation, don’t hesitate to contact her!

At home and at affordable prices

With her various services, Marie travels to homes and businesses, at affordable prices: “I wanted people to have fun and for the price not to be an obstacle for them”. It travels 30 km around La Ferté-Gaucher (Seine-et-Marne), but is not closed to other offers. Indeed, she explains that she can travel to seminars or wellness weekends. For the prices, it is necessary to count 50 € for a reiki treatment, lasting one hour. For a relaxing massage of one hour, count 65 € and 85 € for 1h30. As for the seated massage, it is priced at 20 € and lasts about twenty minutes.

With Reikizena, Marie already offers services with multiple benefits, but she does not want to stop there. Indeed, his project is to learn belly massage, also called chi nei stang, focused on emotions: “One day, I tested this massage and it’s just breathtaking”. To be continued…

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Information and reservations on 06 88 95 15 31 or by email at [email protected] Also visit the Reikizena Facebook page.

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