She does not apply ANY face care for years, here is the result on her skin

She does not apply ANY face care for years, here is the result on her skin

Tips for finally displaying the perfect skin of which we all dream are not lacking. On social networks in particular, Internet users are redoubled in their imagination and try all kinds of different methods.

The most recent is called Skin Fasting and consists of performing a fast skin care. In other words, the followers of this technique recommend to stop the application of facial care, whatever they are.

Among the people convinced by this method, we count the beautician Maliha Ihenacho. Rather active on TikTokshe does not hesitate to regularly share with her community beauty tips concerning the care of the face or the hair.

Stop cosmetics for naturally perfect skin?

A few weeks ago, the Tiktokeuse then made noise by putting forward a particular piece of advice. That ofstop using cosmetics for the face for a while. She then explains what this method is called “Skin Fasting”.


I have been doing this for YEARS! And it’s always done wonders for my skin overall. 🧐Skin fasting is unique to the individual. Some slowly eliminate products while others go cold turkey. For a complete skin fast, you stop using all of your skincare products entirely- that means NO cleansing or toning, or applying serums, hydrators, or moisturizers. Letting your skin’s own natural sebum do all the balancing and protecting. Just like any other detox or reset, skin fasting can be helpful for those who want a fresh start. Personally I do it once or twice a week. It’s important to listen to your skin throughout the process, which can last anywhere from a few days to a few weeks. 🧙🏻‍♀️DISCLAIMER: I do not recommend skin fasting for those who have skin disorders like eczema, uncontrolled acne, rosacea, melasma, or other skin disorders that do require topical products to help-especially if you have a skin condition that requires active ingredients. It is advisable to speak to your dermatologist or prescribing physician about taking a break from any prescription products that you are currently using, as some should not be stopped. Finally- Not protecting your skin with sunscreen is a risk. If you’ve used any acids in the last three days, especially retinol, then you must continue to wear sunscreen and limit sun exposure. #skincare #skincaretips #FilmTeyvatIslands #viral #malihaihenacho


“Skin Fasting is about taking a break from your beauty products and skincare routine to give your skin time to breathe, rest and regenerate”, she clarified. And it seems to be working rather according to her smooth, plump and even skin. For her part, Maliha Ihenacho said she has been doing this skincare fast several times a week for many years.

But what products are authorized during this skincare fast? Maliha Ihenacho is very clear: “During Skin Fasting, you cannot use no care for 24 hours, or even a cleanser. Wash your face with water only”, she advised.

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Skin Fasting: advice from a dermatologist

This will help the natural skin barrier to strengthen. But it is also a good method to regulate sebum production. However, this one does not address to “people with skin conditions, such as eczema and rosacea, or those using prescription skin care”.

But what do the doctors think? “I think the concept of skin fasting came about because of the overuse of active ingredients, like retinoids and exfoliating acids. By using them daily, you damage your skin barrier”dermatologist Whitney Bowe explained to shape. “It (…) can make your skin sensitive and more prone to breakouts and aging skin.”

Regarding the cessation of active ingredients that can be aggressive for the epidermis, the doctors are in agreement with the TikTokeuse Maliha Ihenacho. On the other hand, according to them, we should not do without cleansing our skin at night. “Choosing not to cleanse your skin with a mild, pH-balanced cleanser at night can lead to breakouts on acne-prone skin”, warns Whitney Bowe. She advises instead to favor a minimalist routine composed of three essential treatments: a gentle cleanser, a serum with vitamin C and sunscreen!

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