Slimming patches: effectiveness, principles and limits

Slimming patches: effectiveness, principles and limits

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Dr. Nina Roos (dermatologist)

Applying herbal patches with slimming properties would reduce our cravings for snacking or burn stored fat. How it works ? What should we really expect? Here are the answers to your questions.

Do you have localized curves (on your stomach, thighs, etc.) that make you complex? You no longer fit into your slim? To overcome this, in addition to slimming creams and food supplements, a new device is appearing on the market: slimming patches (or “slimming” in English) which promise weight and centimeter loss. Self-adhesive, the patch adheres directly to the skin, on the affected areas of the bodyand diffuses continuously through the epidermis, lipolytic active ingredients (fat burner), draining (anti-water retention) or which speed up the metabolism to burn more calories, even at rest. As a result, they promise to erase these curves and display a perfect body. Simple, right?

What do they contain?

These patches contain various slimming active ingredients such as birch, dandelion, ivy and meadowsweet, plants that have a draining action effective against water retention. “The most effective fat-burning plants are those that contain caffeine, because this active ingredient has the property of stimulating the metabolism and burning excess fat cells. This is the case with mate, green tea, guarana , bean pods, nopal…”explains Dr. Nina Roos, dermatologist and cosmetologist. They promote the melting of localized fat and help burn more calorieseven when you sleep.

Where do they apply?

Using the patches is simple: these slimming devices can be glued directly to the skin belly, thighs, buttocks and arms, that is to say all areas of the body where fat deposits and water retention are located. Practical, it is useless to carry out a massage because the patch is sufficient on its own.

Is it effective? The expert’s opinion

Do the results of these products live up to expectations, especially in terms of weight loss? “Like slimming creams, these patches sold as a slimming product cause no weight loss, and cannot remove localized fat, but can locally improve the appearance of orange peel skin, and cellulite” says Dr. Roos when asked for his opinion. In this context, the product is more like an anti-cellulite treatment. As for the centimeter loss, it is indeed possible to lose up to 2 cm thanks to the application of the patch locally, because the skin is less soaked with water. “But when the application is stopped, if nothing is done to correct the problem of funds (circulatory disorder, excessively rich diet, sedentary lifestyle, etc.) it is a safe bet that it will come back, warns the expert. To take advantage of the benefits of these devices and obtain results, it is essential to review your lifestyle in order to adopt a balanced diet, which gives pride of place to plants and proteins, to ease off on salt consumption to reduce the storage of water in the body, as well as to practice regular physical activity”.

What are the contraindications?

Slimming patches are products, however, not recommended people suffering from allergies to encapsulated active ingredients in its patches (plants, essential oils, etc.) because they can then cause local reactions ranging from skin irritation to oedema. If, as soon as you apply the patch, you feel tingling, itching or notice the appearance of red patches on the part of the body concerned, remove it without delay. Finally, they are also contraindicated to pregnant and breastfeeding women.

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