The 9 anti-aging active ingredients recommended by experts to take care of your skin from the age of 60

The 9 anti-aging active ingredients recommended by experts to take care of your skin from the age of 60

From the age of 60, some active subtances anti-aging are more recommendable than others. Of course, every skin is different, and genetics, way of life and care habits play a crucial role. But some trends remain fairly universal after a certain age. vogue spoke with the Dr Eduardo Lopez Branhead of the dermatology department at the San Carlos Hospital in Madrid, and the Dr Elena Martinez, dermatologist at the Pilar de Frutos clinic, to find out more. The two professionals have drawn up a list of active ingredients to know and integrate into your routine from the age of 60. They explain that from this age, imperfections are more frequent, the skin tending to thicken and that of the neck to lose firmness and elasticity. Fortunately, some cosmetics make it possible to overcome this. “The treatments themselves – such as skin hydration – are similar to those for younger skin, but the components are adapted,” says Dr. Martínez, who emphasizes the importance of “exfoliating the skin to thin it out, because although it looks thinner, it actually tends to get thicker.”


DMAE (or dimethylaminoethanol) is one of the most interesting substances of the moment. As Elena Martínez points out, it is one of the most effective anti-aging active ingredients to combat the loss of skin elasticity, in the face and neck. This nutrient is in fact particularly indicated for aging skin due to its toning and firming properties, but also because it stimulates collagen production.

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Vitamin C

Dermatologists recommend using this active ingredient primarily in the morning. Vitamin C is an antioxidant and helps to repair the damage caused by oxidative stress, from the age of 60, but also before. Dr. Eduardo López Bran also highlights its rejuvenating power.

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Ferulic acid

This anti-wrinkle antioxidant helps fight against the oxidation of skin cells and strengthen the skin barrier. Dr. Martínez recommends combining it with vitamin C and vitamin E: their effects are enhanced when these substances are combined.

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Vitamin E

In addition to protecting the skin and delaying the appearance of wrinkles, vitamin E has moisturizing properties. Elena Martínez advises using it with vitamin C and ferulic acid.

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It is one of the star active ingredients for treating the signs of aging, especially from the age of 60. This derivative of vitamin A has the effect of stimulating the production of collagen, preventing and fighting against wrinkles, on the face and neck. Elena Martínez and Eduardo López Bran have made themselves their advocates.

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Tranexamic acid (and caffeine)

When it comes to choosing a cream for the eye area, Eduardo López Bran recommends turning to a formula containing tranexamic acid – a molecule that lightens pigmentation and evens skin tone – and/or caffeine to drain excess fluid. “This anti-edema active ingredient reduces puffiness and dark circles,” explains the doctor.

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Hyaluronic acid

It is absolutely essential to moisturize your skin, before and after 60 years. hyaluronic acidexplains Elena Martínez, not only fulfills this mission, but also slightly plumps the skin.

Typology – Hyaluronic Acid 3% + B5 2% Hydrating Serum


As Eduardo López Bran explains, niacinamide, also called nicotinamide, is renowned for its anti-inflammatory properties and its ability to even out the complexion. If you have sensitive skin, this substance is indispensable. It moisturizes, protects the skin from aggressions and tightens pores.

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And finally… good sun protection

The use of a photoprotective formula is essential at any age. It helps prevent and combat photoaging by up to 80%, explains Elena Martínez.

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Article originally published in Vogue Spain.

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