What bangs rejuvenate you after 40? 4 types to adopt to erase wrinkles without surgery at the salon

What bangs rejuvenate you after 40?  4 types to adopt to erase wrinkles without surgery at the salon

The fringe is an essential beauty element at Deavita.fr. This little hair detail is now part of the DNA of every self-respecting trendy woman. It’s graphic, it’s feminine and it’s trendy! In short, we love it! But how come the fringe makes us look younger? In addition to enlarging the look, making the mouth fuller, it seems to reduce wrinkles and fine lines. At 4o, 50 or even 60 years old, it is suitable for all ages and all body shapes, provided you choose the right model. So, what bangs rejuvenate you this fall depending on your face shape and hair type. Our professional hairdressers take stock of the situation by revealing the types to be preferred.

What bangs make you look younger at 50? 4 trendy and easy-to-maintain models

which fringe rejuvenates or ages at 50 which anti age cut hairstyle for women fall 2022

If creams, masks and anti-aging treatments make it possible to look 5 years younger, the same goes for certain haircuts. With bangs, we can never say it enough, we look 10 years younger! So, there is no need to go through the surgery box. All you have to do is go to the hair salon for a quick little makeover. In fact, many women who have taken the plunge and dared to wear bangs do not use botox. So maybe it’s worth adopting. Here are 4 models to try at the salon to look younger this fall-winter.

The long curtain fringe

what type of bangs to choose to rejuvenate you ideas haircut woman 50 years trend fall 2022

What bangs make you look younger at 50 or more? Timeless and on-trend, the XL curtain fringe has been a hit with 50-somethings for quite some time. It helps to camouflage wrinkles and knows how to highlight all face shapes. However, it is one of the cuts suitable for round and oval faces. Worn on the side, it is ideal to enhance a thin face or to hide a forehead that is a little too imposing. As for long faces, they can also appropriate the new retro-cool cut, provided you taper it.

The French fringe

what bangs rejuvenate you woman 50 years anti-aging cut trend winter 2023

The bangs are an effective way to change your look and rejuvenate yourself by hiding forehead wrinkles. However, you have to find the type that best suits your morphology, but also the nature of your hair. So, is there a universal fringe that suits all face shapes and is worn at all ages? YES ! French bangs, recently worn by starlets Margot Robbie (32) and Monica Bellucci (58), will instantly make you want to cut your hair. This fringe is intended to be shorter above the bridge of the nose and more flared at the level of the cheekbones.

Which fringe makes you look younger at 60? Side swept bangs

what bangs round face oval woman 60 years trend haircut fall 2022

What fringe when wearing glasses? Long side swept bangs are the perfect look for 50 year old girls and women wearing frames. It softens lines that are a little too marked and erases wrinkles. On the morpho side, it is particularly suitable for oval and round faces. On the other hand, the thick and straight fringe babydoll has the particularity of covering a large part of the face, which only makes the features heavier. So if you’re not Naomi Campbell, you better avoid her.

What bangs make you look younger at 40? The tapered fringe

what bangs for rectangular face trend haircut woman 40 years

What bangs rejuvenate you if you have a square or round face? There’s nothing like the tapered model to soften a slightly too marked mandible or an imposing forehead. The large side-swept strand will work for you too.

The good gestures to take care of your bangs, we know them. But what about mistakes not to make when wearing bangs? Here are 4 to avoid for a perfect wick:

  • Using shampoos and masks that are too moisturizing. These tend to grease the bangs and give them a flattened look. To pamper it, it is better to prefer homemade greasy hair masks.
  • Apply conditioner to roots and bangs. Use only at lengths.
  • Spend the day touching your bangs.
  • Having oily skin and not taking good care of it. A forehead covered in sebum can easily grease the bangs.
  • Use a round brush to roll it up and out. It is better to style it first to the left, then to the right, while keeping it close to the forehead.
  • Dry your bangs with a hair dryer. Use your hands and a flat brush instead.
  • Not refreshing your bangs every two months. It’s important to go to the hairdresser, not only to maintain the shape of your bangs, but also to maintain your lengths. Because split ends are not glamorous!

what bangs make you look younger blonde square cut with bangs what face shape woman white hair 50 years old

What is the haircut that rejuvenates?

If we have to define the haircut that rejuvenates the most from the age of 50, it is undoubtedly the square with curtain bangs à la Brigitte Macron! That said, long hair is strongly discouraged after a certain age. In addition to compacting the silhouette, they tend to devalue the face, especially if they are sparse and dull. On the other hand, when we say square, we also say sublimated neck and shoulders. Ditto for the facial features which are instantly highlighted thanks to the curtain bangs.

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