which cosmetics to turn to to take care of your skin?

In this month of Pink October, the fight against breast cancer is strongly highlighted. On a daily basis, women affected by the disease have to live with significant dermatological discomfort. To heal these ills, here are the beauty products to favor to take care of skin that undergoes anti-cancer treatments.

The effects of cancer on the skin

In order to fight cancer, patients usually have to undergo chemotherapy. This includes a wide range of drug treatments intended to destroy cancer cells. Unfortunately, during the process, the natural functioning of the skin is disrupted. Indeed, the cells of the skin like those of the nails are particularly sensitive to the agents of chemotherapy, proving to be more aggressive. The epidermis is then dried out and ailments such as alopecia (hair loss) occur. Similarly, radiotherapy can cause possible red patches, flaking or irritation. Inevitably, these concerns must be taken into account when choosing beauty products. The beauty routine is important!

The right things to do

First, note that it is essential to protect yourself from the sun. To do this, bet on solar products with a protection factor of 50 (no less). Also, make it a point of honor to cleanse your skin well. In order not to dehydrate her further, a lukewarm shower is preferable to one that is too hot. Also, since it is recommended to avoid hard water, note that washing your face with mild cleansers is sometimes a better option than tap water.

Of course, the daily hydration of the skin is also decisive. Despite hair loss, continuing to provide a gentle shampoo is therefore the right way to pamper the scalp. Finally, if you insist on the beauty stage, pay particular attention to the composition of the products applied.

Preferred products

Naturally, the choice of care products, such as make-up essentials, must be governed by new needs responding to the effects of drug treatments. As for hygiene products, soap-free formulas will then be your friends, like surgras gels. Skincare products benefit from being chosen rich in lipids to nourish and moisturize the skin. Thus, vegetable oils and butters are perfect allies. In general, products containing preservatives, endocrine disruptors, alcohol or those artificially flavored are to be avoided. Also, it is advisable to select them with sun protection – by opting for a day cream with SPF, for example – and designed for sensitive and dehydrated skin.

Finally, make-up purchases must also be made with care. The reactivity of the skin is no longer the same… For this reason, a BB cream with SPF will take the place of a classic foundation and a pencil will take the place of an eyeliner. In the same vein, mattifying ranges should be avoided, in favor of products with a neutral composition – ideally purchased in pharmacies – and designed for weakened skin. Luckily, you should know that the cosmetics market today includes several ranges specially designed for patients, such as Even Cosmetics or Ozalys, among others.

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