5 tips to revive it

You decided to go to the hairdresser for a color a few months ago. Problem: your hair has since lost its shine and you would like to revive its color other than by going to the salon again? Do not panic, here are 5 solutions that could be right for you.

Use the right products

Once your hair color has been done at the hairdresser, it is important to use the right products over the following months to continue to preserve the pigments. Contrary to what one might think, simple shampoos designed for the nature of your hair are not enough: they must also be adapted to your color, to restore shine and radiance while maintaining highlights. Remember, during your next purchases, to take a balm, a cleansing care or even a shampoo whose indication mentions “colored hair”. Ideally, choose it without sulfates. Their advantages? The formulas are softer and more protective, which is ideal for your hair, already weakened by your coloring. At the same time, they will revive your color with each wash.

Make a hair mask

The staying power and shine of your hair color over time depends a lot on how your hair is cared for. Already damaged during the application of the color (even more when it comes to discoloration for blond for example), they can quickly become dull, brittle and fragile if they are not maintained correctly. This then affects the color. To avoid this catastrophic scenario, it is advisable to do hair masks at least once a week in order to heal your hair. Be careful that it is adapted to the nature of your hair.

Make pigment baths

Sometimes, doing a pigment bath is the best solution to revive that color that you love so much but which is deteriorating. It is possible to find this type of product in a hairdressing salon or to buy it in the supermarket in the form of a mousse, a cream or a mask. Very specific, this product must be applied for about ten minutes so that it can have its effect: it is known to envelop pigmented hair and protect it afterwards, which makes it possible to avoid a dull and lifeless color.

Do some pre-shower tricks

There are some tips that can sometimes be good. This is particularly the case of that of the hot and humid towel before the shower, which can surprisingly help you to revive the radiance of your color. Remember all the same, for it to work, to wrap your hair well with it: this will allow the scales to open, to be better able to absorb the care

Rinse your hair with natural products

Grandmother’s tips are never to be neglected: they can sometimes prove to be much more effective than the products that we find. Thus, ingredients like vinegar or lemon juice, mixed with a little water to rinse your hair, can help tighten the scales and make your color brighter. So, convinced by this method?

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