Breast and menopause, what changes and how to prevent them?

Breast and menopause, what changes and how to prevent them?

Menopause can have an impact on the appearance of the breasts. Less firm, rounder… How do you take care of your breasts in the face of all these hormonal upheavals? Our advice and the opinion of expert Dominique Rist, director of Clarins spa treatment protocols, to preserve your breasts at age 50.

We all have to go through this. Around the age of 50, women discover the joys of menopause. A cessation of menstruation more or less well experienced because it is often accompanied by unpleasant symptoms such as hot flashes, fatigue, muscle pain, skin dryness and sometimes even acne.

It is also a period of life when we are led to to gain weight : on average, women gain between 2 and 2.5 kg at menopause. But instead of getting lodged in the thighs and hips like before, these new fats go more to the belly and chest. A changing body that can be very destabilizing to understand, especially for this intimate and particular area that is the chest.

The impacts of menopause on the chest

Menopause is a natural process unique to every woman. But generally, there are three major areas of change in the chest: volume gain, loss of firmness and sagging. “During this period, the mammary glands decrease and it is the fat that takes over. The breasts can then become rounder and more imposing”, explains Dominique Rist. “It is during this same period that the skin relaxes. The skin tissues of the natural bra are then more wrinkled and distended. Likewise, because of a posture that tends to curve with age, the breasts can undergo a more or less consequent sagging”explains the expert.

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The right routine to take care of your breasts during menopause

Area often shunned by our exfoliation sessions, it deserves some attention! Scrubs Regular chest exercises stimulate cell regeneration and activate blood circulation, specifies Dominique Rist. They also help to boost the absorption of care”. Once a week, in the shower, use your usual scrub that you rub on the breasts, chest and neck. The pressure must be light so as not to strip the skin which is particularly thin and delicate in this area.

  • Daily hydration

At menopause, the skin often becomes drier and more fragile. It is therefore important to compensate for these new needs by offering him daily hydration, even twice a day if you can. “Don’t hesitate to choose rich textures, which will deeply nourish. It is also possible to use tonic oils that help preserve the elasticity of the skin”. Warm the product between your hands, then apply in smoothing, upward strokes starting under the breast and ending at the neck.

Preserving your breasts during menopause also means asking yourself about his posture. “The position of the breasts is naturally linked to the way you stand. To keep breasts high and firm, it is essential to work on your muscle tone”. The practice of sports such as yoga, pilates or swimming are particularly recommended to protect your chest. “It is also interesting to go regularly to a back massage institute. Relaxing this muscle area dramatically improves posture”assures the professional.

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The cold water jet: Dominique Rist’s secret to keeping your chest firm

“Flee the heat, the sun, too hot baths which distend the tissues. On the contrary, use and abuse fresh water which reactivates blood circulation and retracts skin tissue for an immediate toning action. If you don’t like the feeling of the jet of cold water in the shower, you can also put a few ice cubes on the bust, again the curved breast effect is instantaneous”.

Our 3 favorite products to take care of your breasts during menopause

Super lift bust gel, Clarins, €59.70
We find in this gel immediate tensor effect, a key active ingredient: the caïmitier. A tropical fruit tree whose extract used in cosmetics makes it possible to firm and reinforce the fibers of collagen. Over the applications, the breasts are more shapely and firm.

Bust-Lift Expert Breast & Décolleté Remodeling Cream, Lierac, €38.90
This anti-aging treatment for the décolleté helps tighten and smooth the skin envelope. For visible results, apply the cream every day for a minimum of 4 weeks by massaging in “8”.

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Just for your breasts, Mira, €11.90
Composed of firming natural oils, this serum hydrates, nourishes and improves the shape of the chest. We particularly like its delicate and refreshing smell.

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