Finally, a beauty box for dull to dark skin and textured hair!

Finally, a beauty box for dull to dark skin and textured hair!

The world of cosmetics is now full of multitudes of brands and concepts, each more creative than the next. It is no longer possible to count the number of beauty products that exist. Yes but now, everyone does not find his account. Afro-descendants often have difficulty finding products that are intended for them. This is the raison d’être of Nacre: the first beauty box for dark matte skin and textured hair (curly, curly, frizzy, etc.). Overview.

A need for diversity and ethnic representation in the cosmetics market

The numbers speak for themselves: 73% of people with dark to dark skin have difficulty finding suitable products to their skin and hair. Between the disappointing product tests, the hours spent looking for the right brand, and the money lost in vain to find your routine, the people concerned have a real need for consideration.
It’s time for action, and brands are finally getting up to respond. Only, they still need to have visibility with their targets, and this is not always the case.

With the cosmetics market greatly lacking in ethnic representation, brands aimed at dark to dark skin or textured hair are not often brought to the fore, making it even more difficult for those affected to find them.

A solution : the Nacre beauty and well-being box is committed to presenting each month to its subscribers products actually created for them!

mother-of-pearl beauty box dark to dark skin and textured hair

A turnkey wellness box to move from shadow to light

No more disappointments and wasted time choosing the right treatments, Nacre takes care of everything! From the careful selection of brands, to the delivery ofa beautiful shiny box at homeall you have to do is enjoy!

The principle: a subscription monthly, quarterly, half-yearly or annual, with a regressive rate depending. Each month, receive 4 to 5 products really chosen for your complexion and your beautiful curls. A box to €49.90 maximum depending on your subscription, including between 100 and 160€ of products ! A way to discover new brands, to test them at low prices, and to crack or not to adopt them in your routine!

Moreover, Nacre does not stop there. To find your favourites, they will be directly available on the e-shop, with a discount for subscribers. Something to crack without feeling guilty!

Pre-order your box now to receive it before Christmas

The project has just started, and it is already very promising. On the occasion of its launch, Nacre organized a large event bringing together its partner brands, content creators and a few people interested in the project. A project therefore already supported by brands like Laboratories In’oya Where Loly’s Secretsand influencers like Dairing Tia (@dairing.tia) and Sarah Monteil (@_sarahbiii_).

To see the light of day, the company is launching a crowdfunding (crowdfunding). You have the option of pre-ordering one or more boxes, and receiving rewards as a gift : a dance class, a voucher for a jewelry brand, a facial or even a photo shoot to represent the brand during its next communication campaign. Crowdfunding will allow Nacre to launch its activity, and all those concerned to finally feel heard, understood and considered.

Moreover, the Nacre box can be a great gift idea for Christmas, and now is the perfect time to think about it! If you pre-order a box on the crowdfunding page before November 26, you will receive it well in time to slip it under the tree. In addition, let’s face it, its holographic design will make your gift the star of New Year’s Eve.

For pre-order your box and support this project committed and innovative, all you need to do is just click here and to choose your type of subscription and your rewards.

And if you want to know a little more, it’s here:

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