How to quit sugar? 7 tips to go smoothly

How to quit sugar?  7 tips to go smoothly

Why stop consuming sugar?

Sugar is a generic term for carbohydrates in food. There are simple carbohydrates, or fast sugar, and complex carbohydrates, called slow sugar. Generally, it is the fast sugars that we try to stop. Indeed, complex carbohydrates provide energy and are essential for your functioning.

Simple, sweet-tasting carbohydrates are two types : white sugar and whole sugar.

The 2 types of sugar: white sugar and whole sugar

Not all sugars are created equal. White sugar is a health poison, it does nothing for the body. For his part, the whole sugar is less harmful.

White sugar, a poison for health

White sugar is a real poison for health. Source of type 2 diabetes, cardiovascular disease, and possibly a factor in cancer, its consumption is truly harmful and does nothing for your body. Its excessive consumption can also lead to obesity.

Unfortunately, white sugar is at the heart of our food today: cakes, white bread, cereals, sweets, coffee and even industrial savory products for preservation. Hard to get rid of!

Complete and natural sugars to consume in moderation

There are also natural sugars. Fruit, for example, contain fructose, which is a form of sugar. Whole sugar, on the other hand, has not undergone any transformation. It has therefore retained its trace elements. The consumption of this type of sugar is less harmful, but must stay under control.

Be careful: the whole sugar from supermarkets is sometimes processed refined sugar, then recolored (brown sugar, for example). Nutritionally, it is no better than the usual white sugar.

Get out of your sugar addiction to improve your quality of life

Are you a real sugar addict? Or simply looking for a healthier lifestyle? L’addiction to added white sugar concerns us all. It is so worrying that studies by Canadian health services are looking for solutions to reduce its excessive consumption among the population.

Stop white sugar to regain energy

Eating white sugar does nothing for your body. Sucrose, of which it is composed, is a empty calorie. Your sweet cravings therefore do not allow you to have energy on a daily basis. By opting for a richer diet without added white sugar, you will benefit from more nutrients. You will therefore find energy on a daily basis.

Control your weight without a diet by stopping white sugar

It’s no secret: white sugar makes you fat. Carbonated drinks, industrial cakes and processed products have never been friends with your weight. By simply stopping sugar, it is likely that you will lose weight without dieting!

Stop consuming white sugar to take care of your body

Quitting sugar is often due to an awareness of the harm that sugar does to our bodies. You know it now: sugar is cause of many diseases chronic and dangerous. By stopping to consume it, you will take care of your health. Your body and brain will thank you!

7 steps to stop sugar consumption

Quitting sugar doesn’t happen overnight. You may suffer from effects of quitting sugar far too brutally. Stop your sugar consumption gently in 7 key steps.

1. Assess your diet and lifestyle

Before trying to quit sugar, take stock on your diet and lifestyle. To do this, ask yourself a few simple questions.

  • When do my sweet cravings occur?
  • What foods do I usually eat for breakfast? At lunch ? At dinner ?
  • Do I tend to snack on chocolate in front of the television?
  • Approximately how much sugar do I consume per day?
  • How many cracks do I have during the week?

be honest with yourselves. This observation is the beginning of a change.

Keep in mind that, very often, our sweet cravings respond to psychological needs. You know that famous square of chocolate you eat when you’re sad? Sugar releases dopamine in the brain. It is the pleasure molecule. Be indulgent with yourself: you really thought you needed it at the time.

2. Track unnecessary processed sugars in your diet

To start, track down sugars and processed products of your diet. Are you a fan of cooked meals? Prepare your meals at home. Do you usually drink syrup with your water? Switch to water without syrup. Always a chocolate cereal bar in your purse? Replace them with fruit and dark chocolate.

The idea is to gradually reduce the amount of sugar ingested during the day and the week, by eliminating non-essential products. We agree: pop, syrup, and candy aren’t hard to cut out.

3. Stop sugar: replace white cereals with whole grains

The third step: replace food products with no nutritional value with Whole grains. Do you eat a lot of bread? Replace it with wholemeal or cereal bread. Pasta, rice, and white wheat can be replaced by their complete or semi-complete counterparts.

These foods have a significant amount of white sugar. How to limit your sugar consumption during meals? By replacing them!

4. Gently reduce the white sugar so as not to rush your body

How to quit sugar? Go in stages. Your body and your brain must get used to living without sugar again. If you try to stop it all at once, you might not keep up. The effects of stopping sugar will be too strong for your body.

fix yourself one or two goals during the week. For example, replacing my cereal bar with fruit and a square of dark chocolate. Then, buy wholemeal bread instead of white.

4. Rediscover the true taste of foods without added sugars

By dint of consuming sugar daily, your palate has lost the habit of the true taste of food. By gently detoxifying yourself, you allow your brain to rediscover the happiness of eating a food without added sugars. If you find some snacks bland at first, don’t despair. You are simply limiting the sugar intake in your body.

5. Make food preparation a healthy part of the day

Quitting sugar is often seen as stopping the pleasure of eating. An advice : take the time to enjoy meal preparation times. Take the time to taste your food, and your dishes, to try new things and discover new flavors.

Keep in mind the nutrients in the foods you prepare and their benefits. Visualize yourself healthywith a boost of energy thanks to the cessation of white sugar.

6. Banish stress from your life and let your brain rest

Stress sends distress signals to your brain. The famous sweet craving, you know? Consuming sugar sends dopamine to your brain, the happiness molecule. To fight your sugar addiction, you must absolutely cut yourself off from all possible sources of stress.

Learn to rest and rest your brain. Recovering from a sugar addiction involves depriving it of a source of happiness. You must therefore take time to rest to take care of yourself. A word of advice: sport also has the effect of creating dopamine and oxygenating your brain!

7. Learn to eat sugar in small amounts

This last advice may seem completely surreal, and yet! Recovering from your addiction must be done gently. You won’t stop eating sugar overnight. Give yourself moments of relaxation during the week, during which you have the right to eat a pleasure food. Chocolate, sweets, cakes etc. The main thing is to know how to say no to yourself and to limit the quantity to a minimum.

Be patient with yourselves in your fight your sugar addiction. Changing your diet is a long-term process. It’s normal to sometimes be discouraged and feel like you can’t make it. Also avoid constantly having an eye on your weight. Your body will regulate itself over time. Play sportshave fun, eat, but well: your body only asks for that!

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