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The first steps in the beauty of Mélanie Bernier

Mélanie, do you have any beauty memories from your childhood?

My mother used to collect mini perfumes, which I “sold” to her, transforming the bathroom into a beauty salon. I even took care of him. And I made up and disguised my little brother, which my daughter does with hers today, to believe that it is contagious!

Who were your role models?

I loved the movie I married an alien and Splash, I dreamed of looking like Kim Bassinger and Daryl Hannah! And of course, to all the Disney Princesses, including Mary Poppins.

Teen, have you had any beauty slip-ups?

I’ve always been quite natural, never too much makeup. On the other hand, in high school, my look was “failed bohemian”: I made a huge bun that I embellished with large flowers… with a little fringe. It was awful ! (laughs)

Mélanie Bernier, a natural mother

Today, what is your big love, even a rare lack of time, in terms of beauty?

I love going for a kobido facial at Barbara Sand, she’s extraordinary, she’s a fairy. It’s the best treatment in the world, it saves me having to do cosmetic surgery, it stimulates collagen naturally, it’s so good!

You are a mother of two children, how did you experience your pregnancies?

I loved the first pregnancy, less so the second, yet I was looking forward to it. I had a hard time with my big acne breakouts when I had a great glow for my daughter. On the silhouette side, being of a fine nature, I did not gain much weight, which did not prevent my body from evolving. Today, I know it won’t be as firm as before, but that’s fine with me. I had two caesarean sections, so my belly is no longer the same, and yet, I have never felt so good!

How did you experience your postpartum periods?

Once the delivery (which I dreaded) passed, it was great. But 5 months later, it got complicated. Pregnant, everyone takes great care of us, when in reality, we are much more tired afterwards, with a baby. We don’t sleep, we stress, we hope everything is fine… Me, I spend my time feeling guilty! Society shouldn’t just focus on the baby.

Complicity and tolerance, keys to the mother-kids relationship of the actress

With your children, do you have well-being rituals?

My daughter is already super flirtatious. She loves when I apply her water-based nail polish, which allows me to cut her nails on the way (trick!) or when we take a shower and she washes my hair. She also has her little transparent lip care and I let her put lipstick on me when we play. As for his brother, I give him little belly and leg massages to put him to sleep.

What would you like to pass on to your children, so that they feel good about themselves?

Children seek to be normal, to look alike, which can be a source of suffering. I teach them to cultivate their differences, and to accept those of others.

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