milk, balm or oil, how to choose the right care?

milk, balm or oil, how to choose the right care?

There are a multitude of body treatments. In milk, balm, cream or oil, we help you see more clearly and make the right choice.

To have beautiful skin in perfect health, it is recommended to moisturize it well using a facial treatment adapted to your skin type. Know that it is the same for your body. Although we feel less need for it, pampering our body is just as important! UV rays diffused by the sun, wind, cold, pollution or even stress are just as many factors that harm the skin of our body.

To keep it healthy and ensure perfect hydration, it is necessary to moisturize your skin twice a day, every morning and every evening. But where to turn? Today, the range of body treatments is immense. There are milks, balms, creams or even oils. Which formula to choose? Which would suit you best? Today, we take stock to help you in your choice.

You have dry to very dry skin

Your skin needs softness and nutrition. For this, it will be necessary to bet on nourishing active ingredients, and in particular vegetable oils and butters. We are thinking in particular of coconut or avocado oil or even shea butter, which are perfect active ingredients for dry to very dry skin. We generally find them in cream, oil or milk textures.

Garnier 48h Nourishing Cream – Body Superfood

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The Avocado & Omega 6 nourishing cream from the brand new Garnier Body Superfood moisturizing body care range is the ideal nourishing cream for dry skin. Offering 4 different body treatments, the Garnier Body Superfood range combines natural and sensory ingredients with dermatological active ingredients, to offer you deep hydration as well as maximum pleasure and effectiveness when used. Its 96% natural origin formulas, vegan and approved by Cruelty Free International, have different textures depending on the jars and fragrances: nourishing cream, soothing cream, repairing butter or moisturizing cream gel.

If you have dry to very dry skin, the Garnier Body Superfood Avocado & Omega 6 Nourishing Body Cream will best meet your needs. Its non-greasy texture, both nourishing and moisturizing, provides 48 hours of hydration. It is quickly absorbed by the skin to hydrate up to 10 layers of the epidermis and allow you to get dressed quickly after applying it. Finally, this moisturizing body cream comes in a generous 380 ml format.

Paragraph written in collaboration with Garnier.

You have normal skin

Good news ! You are lucky since you can afford everything. Oil, balm, cream, milk… everything will suit your skin. So treat yourself to some cool products with a fun texture. Lightly scented milk or even whipped cream, choose the body treatment you like the most!

Nivea – Milk-Oil Sweet Almond and Vanilla

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You have atopic skin

Your skin is often itchy and tight. Sometimes it even peels, eventually begins to peel, and is particularly in need of nutrition. To take care of atopic skin, it is recommended to use nourishing care such as balms. On the other hand, avoid at all costs perfumed milks which are likely to dry out the skin but also to cause allergies.

You have sensitive skin

If your skin is sensitive, it heats up and reacts quickly. She asks for gentleness. Thus, we advise you to pay attention to the formulation of the treatment you choose. Turn to products enriched with vegetable oils or bee products, known to soothe. Also favor products with a mild pH. On the texture side, we recommend a fluid texture such as an oil, a cream or even a body milk.

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