Near Bosc-le-Hard: Magali practices auriculotherapy, ear care

Magali tient dans ses mains, des oreilles en plastiques, où sont renseignés les différents points qu

Magali holds in her hands, plastic ears, where are informed the different points that it is possible to stimulate.
Magali holds in her hands, plastic ears where are informed the different points that it is possible to stimulate. (©The Awakening of Neufchâtel)

Calm migraines, relieve painful periods or even be accompanied in quitting smoking, here are some ailments that can be treated auriculotherapy. A alternative medicine which can be practiced both in adults and children or infants.

Small needle, magrain or mustard seed

Auriculotherapy “is a bit like acupuncture, but only on the ear”, explains Magali Delestre. This practice consists of the stimulation of points on various places of the external ear in order to act on the places of the body where the pains are felt.

It is with the help of small needles, magrains or even mustard seeds that I act on different parts of the ear, which each correspond to a part of the body. The ear is actually an inverted fetus. So for example, for migraines, I will work on the bottom of the ear, while for the feet, I will work on the top.

Magali Delestre

If the needles can be feared by some people, Magali wants to reassure: “These are very fine and small. And there are other ways to act on the ear. It is possible to use magrains, which are like small marbles, it is even less invasive. And for people with allergies, children or people having MRIs, I use mustard seeds. »

“Helping and listening to people”

Before becoming a therapist, Magali Delestre worked in human resources. She confides: “I have always been interested in alternative medicine. I practiced informally on my family and friends. And when I saw that there were results, it pushed me to get started. “And to admit:” If I had not planned to change jobs at the start, it was after a burn-out that everything was faster than expected. I trained in reflexology and naturopathy. And it was during the latter that I discovered auriculotherapy. »

Be responsive

Alternative medicine, which “acts over the long term, unlike reflexology, which acts at the moment T, specifies the therapist. However, they are complementary. “And Magali wants to remember one thing: “I do not replace a doctor”.

Moreover, like all alternative medicine, for this one to work, you have to be receptive.

Magali Delestre

And what she would like is “to work in collaboration with doctors for the follow-up of the patient, that would be beneficial”.

And at the beginning of October, “I trained to be able to go back and discover the origins of a problem, thanks to the stimulation of various points at the back of the ear”, reveals the resident of Cottévrard.

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