Near Caen, a Chinese medicine practice to prevent injuries and illnesses

Near Caen, a Chinese medicine practice to prevent injuries and illnesses

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Julie Villain-Déjardin’s patients in her office in Parfouru-sur-Odon (Calvados) are massaged while remaining dressed, with loose clothing. These acupressure techniques can have many virtues, such as “the relaxation of muscles and tendons, the elimination of sources of pain, or a better circulation of blood and energy in the body”. ©Pascal Lecoeur

At first glance, it is difficult to guess the nature of the “Chemin de Zolélie“. Even once you have arrived at the address, in the heart of the village of Parfouru-sur-Odon (Calvados), in the Pré-Bocage, you would not think you were discovering a office dedicated to carelet alone Chinese, inside the premises.

However, it is indeed the specialty, certainly uncommon, of Julie Villain-Déjardin.

“I practice Tuina massages – a traditional Chinese massage therapy technique that is similar to acupuncture -, plantar reflexology – a common method in China for massaging the feet -, and Qi Gong, which means ‘the work of the body’. ‘energy through the body’. »

Complementary to conventional medicine

In effect, energy embodies a focal point of traditional Chinese medicine. Hence the interest in coming to consult the professional, whose activity does not depend on the traditional medical system, but on a particular confederation, theFrench Union of Traditional Chinese Medicine Professionals (UFPMTC). Here, beyond treating, the goal is above all ” preventive, focused on health maintenance“.

“I don’t claim to be able to diagnose a patient. The idea is first of all to talk to each other, to encourage people to take care of themselves in order to avoid falling ill, to rebalance the functions of the body, to reduce musculoskeletal disorders. It is an approach which is complementary with an adapted traditional medical follow-up. »

Julie Villain-Dejardin

Discovered during his sports career

This began in Chinese medicine quite late, following a retraining… After a first career as a professional basketball player.

It was also on this occasion that the player international discovers this type of care, as she faces recurring injuries which she cannot get rid of.

“I started training for 4 years – plus 2 years for learning Qi Gong – one weekend a month at the end of my career. At first, it was more for my relatives. Then, during training, throwing became a no-brainer. »

The former basketball player then officially opened her practice in January 2020, just a few months before the start of the coronavirus pandemic, which is slowing its rise. To better take its rhythm a few years later, in particular “thanks to word-of-mouth and the development of the website”.

Many services

Now there are plenty of projects. In addition to continuing to receive his patients for one-off sessions ” between 30 and 90 minutes ” in his office, which begin after a maintenance in order to be able to offer “a session adapted to the needs”, Julie Villain-Déjardin also works directly with sports clubsof the companiesor some touristic places.

Videos: currently on Actu

For example, the basketball club of Ifs – whose colors she defended -, or the castle of Villers-Bocage and the gîte le petit pied du bois in Ondefontaine (the Monts d’Aunay), where she can dispense wellness massage.

The former basketball player also offers Classes of Qi Gong, whether individual in his office, or collective ” Monday mornings in Saint-Martin-des-Besaces with the association ABC Souleuvre” and more recently ” Wednesday noon in Évrecy with the Familles Rurales association.

Le Chemin de Zolélie, 1, rue de l’Eglise in Parfouru-sur-Odon. Contact: 07 81 61 79 53.

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