Sandrine Kiberlain gives us her 8 well-being precepts to feel better every day

Sandrine Kiberlain gives us her 8 well-being precepts to feel better every day

Sandrine Kiberlain has never associated its image with any brand. And The sea never had a muse. It is therefore a great first for both sides. A choice that Laure Hernandez, general manager The seadefends: “Sandrine Kiberlain embodies the french woman, with values ​​of simplicity and authenticity that we like. It evokes this simple and minimalist luxury, without cheating. Without forgetting that she too has a very strong link with nature, and with the ocean in particular.”

On the occasion of the presentation of a film on this collaboration, shot on the beach of Deauville a few weeks ago, Sandrine Kiberlain tells us about his relationship to the ocean, to nature, to gentleness and to oneself…

Sandrine Kiberlain reveals her 8 missions of the moment

1. Stand up for what you believe

Sandrine Kiberlain. “I have never associated with anyone to talk about a product or a brand. I never talk about my privacy. But that’s life: a story of encounters. I already liked two of the brand’s products when we met with the teams. I first tested The Concentrate and Intense Regeneration Silky Cream, to have supple and soft skin in the morning. My make-up artist, Christophe Danchaud, recommended them to me. La Mer is a brand born from a passionate man who wanted to save his skin, literally, since he had been seriously burned. And then this brand understood that we could not design products with algae without taking care of it, while protecting their environment. Moreover, the fact that La Mer is also committed to protecting oceans really weighed in the balance. The oceans are so in danger. It became very concerning.”

2. Dare to be yourself

“Today, I like to be gentle with myself. So, it is learned. It is not innate. It’s not necessarily something you know how to do at 20, or at 30. But after 40, you know yourself better. We dare to be ourselves, with this desire to feel good. And if we are well, it shows, it feels. As I progressed in life, it is true that I cared less about the gaze of others. While paradoxically, I work a lot with the eyes of others. But I often prevent myself from imagining what they will think of me. I try, as much as possible, to be in agreement, in harmony with myself. With this idea that in any case, it is impossible to achieve unanimity, to please everyone.

Theo Gosselin

3. Follow your desires

“I want to be able to change hats if I want to, without being afraid of what people will say. Because in France, it is really not easy to change labels. You have to dare to be simple and do the things you want to do when you want to do them. In the morning, for example, if I want to eat buttered toast with honey or jam, I do it because it makes me happy. I don’t want to deprive myself. Even if I have a shoot and they pick me up at 6 a.m., I wake up before, so as not to sacrifice my breakfast. When you have understood that life is short, that all of this is ephemeral, that you are passing through and that you are there to have fun, you have to try to enjoy it a little anyway…”

4. Doing good

“I can’t do without my 2 hours a week of pilates per week at Studio Rituel (16 Rue de la Grande Chaumiere, 75006 Paris) with Verena. We are very focused, but that does not prevent us from laughing a lot too. We do it seriously, but without taking ourselves seriously. I also see an osteopath twice a year, whose name is Agnès Roseau (34 Rue Sainte-Anne, 75001 Paris), which is quite amusing for an osteo. And a bit of reflexology with Sophie Duponchel (22, rue des Canettes, 75006 Paris). I also take great pleasure in cooking, for myself and for others, it really sweetens my life.”

Sandrine’s beauty routine Kiberlain :


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