Shopping | Breast cancer: cosmetics to the rescue of weakened skin

Shopping |  Breast cancer: cosmetics to the rescue of weakened skin

(ETX Daily Up) – Hair loss is one of the side effects of chemotherapy and radiation, but it’s not the only one. The skin can also be attacked, if not weakened, by certain anti-cancer treatments, requiring special attention. On the occasion of Pink October, month dedicated to the fight against breast cancer, zoom on the beauty products formulated and designed to help patients better live the treatment, and improve, as much as possible, their well-being. .

Certain treatments with chemotherapy or radiotherapy can cause many side effects, including alopecia, including an acceleration of hair loss and body hair, but also many skin problems. Skin dryness, discoloration, rashes, dark spots, or depigmentation are among the potential side effects associated with these cancer treatments, requiring special care. One thing that has not escaped the attention of cosmetics players, who are now working to concoct formulas entirely dedicated to cancer patients.

MÊME Cosmetics is one of the pioneers of beauty products dedicated to women affected by cancer. However, it is not just about expertise, with formulas designed to deal with all the undesirable effects inherent in treatments… The brand was also founded to help patients “reconquer [leur] femininity altered by treatments (…) to better fight against cancer”. Thanks to a wide range of products, it responds to the multiple concerns of women affected by the disease, from hydration and repair of the skin to the syndrome hands-feet, another undesirable effect linked to cancer treatments, including alopecia and irritation.

But the brand also offers a wide range of make-up suitable for treatments, during and after, to look good and (re)gain self-confidence. BB cream, complexion corrector, eyebrow marker and healthy-glow powder complete the brand’s dermo-cosmetic range, which also provides numerous tips for combating the adverse effects of cancer treatments.

Born in 2017 from the fight led by its founder, Isabelle Guyomarch, against breast cancer, the Ozalys brand also offers a range of hygiene and moisturizing care products for women affected by breast cancer. All intended to “improve the quality of life of patients during the long treatment protocol”. Here again, everything has been thought out to relieve some of the undesirable effects resulting from treatments, starting with skin and intimate dryness, nail fragility, and even canker sores. The brand offers ten products ranging from toothpaste to moisturizer through deodorant cream and shower cream.

Across the Atlantic, the Ameōn brand relies on biotechnology, between nature and science, to offer cosmetics intended to fight against the harmful effects of certain cancer treatments. A moisturizing cream against dull complexion and dry skin and a serum to restore the balance of the skin’s microbiome and strengthen the skin barrier, are among the products that will help women better cope with the ordeal of chemotherapy and cancer .

Slowly but surely, the cosmetics industry is seeing its offer supplemented by treatments and other beauty products specifically dedicated to cancer patients. Initiatives that we often owe to former people affected by the disease, but which could ultimately encourage giants in the sector to expand their own offer.

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