the top sprays and oils to shop for to withstand the onslaught of UV rays without worries!

the top sprays and oils to shop for to withstand the onslaught of UV rays without worries!

We all love the lightening effect of the sun on the mane. However, this is not a reason to skip anti-UV hair products. So, this summer, protect your hair the same way you take care of your tan. Spray, oil, leave-in creams… here is the best in terms of sun care for hair to shop this summer!

Summer vs. solar hair care, what does it do?

sun protection hair care what to choose this summer 2022

The sun vs. the hair ? Not really a great love story! The sun’s rays attack and damage the hair fibre. The result ? Goodbye to Ariel’s silky mane and hello to the unsightly bale of straw! In summer, more than ever, our hair suffers more aggression because of the sun-wind-sea-sand combination. The latter puts the hair to the test: loss of shine, faded color, dry ends and lengths. Colored manes are actually the most vulnerable, as they are already weakened by the dye. White or gray hair, on the other hand, is not spared from the harmful effects of the sun either. Fortunately, various protective treatments exist. So, for each mane, its protective spray to spray all summer long!

best sun care for colored hair summer 2022

Like our skin, our mane requires the best sun protection care. So, to avoid going short at the start of the school year, we adopt a few good beauty gestures as soon as the good weather returns. Put your hair on summer time with appropriate care, in three steps – before, during and after exposure to the sun – to protect it from the summer heat.

sunscreen hair care

At first, we start by coating it with a dry oil with a high protection factor, a special sunscreen without rinsing or an anti-UV spray. They are used when styling or directly on site to limit the onslaught of UV rays, wind and salt. For optimal protection, reapply every two hours. In a second step, we wash the hair in the evening after a long day to remove the residues of sand, salt and product.

sunscreen hair care

Finally, in a third step, we pamper the hair fiber with a conditioner and a homemade hair mask or with nourishing vegetable oils (jojoba, macadamia, coconut, almond, kakui, etc.). However, these products do not protect us from sunburn. We therefore opt for a pretty hairstyle with a silk scarf or a beautiful panama to relax in peace.

Hair sun care: What about colored hair?

sun protection care bleached white hair colored

Colored or gray hair requires appropriate care because it is the most vulnerable to the harmful effects of the sun, chlorine, wind and salt. If you don’t protect them, they become porous and the coloring fades. As a result, blondes turn green, browns fade, and coppery reds turn orange! So, it is essential to combine the sun care products for hair mentioned above with a repigmenting shampoo that will neutralize unwanted reflections or go directly to your colorist to correct the situation.

Protect your hair from the sun with vegetable oils: Yes or no?

natural hair sun protection vegetable oils

Unlike some vegetable oils, which have no protective effect against the sun, be aware that there are many others that have proven their effectiveness in absorbing UV rays. And among these, we find in particular macadamia oil with anti-UV protection and acting as a sunscreen. After her, we have kakui oil, extra virgin coconut, sesame, jojoba, argan as well as shea butter, known for its many beauty and well-being virtues.

Hair sun care: The best sprays and oils to shop before going out in the sun

sun and sea hair protection care non-greasy products

Are you planning to go on vacation for a few days to enjoy the sun, the sea and the sand? So don’t forget to bring these sunscreen hair care products with you! There are different solutions to protect you from the sun from head to toe including sprays, oils, shampoos and leave-in creams containing an SPF (sun protection factor). To make your life easier, we have selected the best products for you to shop this summer before heading out into the sun. Zoom !

L’Oréal Professionnel Serie Expert Solar Sublime – our favorite hair sunscreen

sunscreen hair care with aloe vera sun spray l'oreal

This leave-in treatment is diffused in a light and perfumed mist on the hair. Its greatest asset? It is suitable for all hair types and contains UV filters and aloe vera which protect the mane from free radicals. We love it because it makes hair shiny without making it greasy.

Protective and styling oil from Kérastase

spray oilkerastase hair sun protection

Whether for your hikes in the mountains or for your holidays by the sea, this protective oil has everything it takes to protect your mane from the harmful effects of UV rays. It is an excellent moisturizer that works on both dry and damp hair. In addition, this treatment allows you to wear pretty curls at the beach.

Hair oil for normal hair from Nuxe

sun protection for short hair

Cheap and easy to apply, this milky oil protects the mane from the sun, the wind and the sea, while nourishing it.

Revlon’s nourishing spray for optimal post-beach care

curly and straight hair sun protection

Here is a mask in the form of a spray from the Revlon brand. This leave-in sun care for hair repairs the hair fiber and is particularly suitable for dry and colored hair. Universal and perfect for summer, it can be used all year round.

Phytoplage protective oil

organic sun hair protection

Since the 1970s, this sunscreen has been protecting and nourishing our hair every summer.

Dry oil for body and hair from Uriage

uriage dry oil protective hair care summer 2022

Hypoallergenic and multi-use, this product has very high sun protection (SPF 50+), which makes it an excellent choice for summer and not only…

Protective and restorative lavender oil by Christophe Robin

protective oil natural repairing care summer hair protection

Packed with natural oils, this product is for extremely damaged manes. In addition to repairing them, it protects them from the sun before, during and after the summer.

Kérastase sublime anti-UV cream

kerastase keratin hair sunscreen cream

A leave-in sunscreen that smells good in summer, this product from the Kérastase brand is enriched with vitamin E, making it a summer must-have to put absolutely in your suitcase before heading out in the sun.

Rene Furterer protective oil

furterer best hair sun care summer 2022

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