After a great season, Sainte-Croix Park wants to end in style with its Halloween activities

After a great season, Sainte-Croix Park wants to end in style with its Halloween activities

After a great season, Sainte-Croix Park wants to end in style with its Halloween activities
Photo: Parc Sainte-Croix – Marie Bricard

During the All Saints holidays, the Halloween atmosphere invites itself to the animal park Sainte-Croix de Rhodes. Every year, lots of activities are planned.

Sound N°1 – After a great season, the Sainte-Croix park wants to end in style with its Halloween activities

Clément Leroux, Communication and Marketing Director at the Parc Animalier de Sainte-Croix.

What about this year?

Like every year, for us, it’s a big highlight of the end of the season, it’s a big party for all families, for children. It’s coming to celebrate Halloween while having fun, scaring yourself but gently. We are really on an approach of chills through kindness, sympathy but also in immersion, in the show, in the sets, in the soundscape of Halloween. There is something for all tastes, for all ages, for all moods.

Are there any new ones?

Each year, we try to have a Halloween that meets people’s expectations, that is to say around this notion of animation and atmosphere, but also to always bring new things. We have 6 new shows this year, new shows, in particular one in partnership with the Moselle department called “Bêtes et witches” where we are going to present dirty critters, we have a new show called “Luciole rouge “. We’re also going to have a pumpkin-cutting workshop, a new animation around vampire hunters where an adventurer will discover a skeleton but it will turn out that it’s not a classic skeleton. And a very big parade is the very big novelty of this year. The big night parade with the eliXir company.

In particular, there will be 30-31 October and 1er November a big parade, that is to say?

It is an urban theater. A wandering on a few paths of the park, it is done at nightfall is what gives the charm and the exceptional side of the show. They are story counters, stilt walkers, dancers, fire eaters. It’s a light show where we will play with fantastic animals, played by colorful characters and with an artistic approach.

It’s always a very important period for you at the park, are you expecting people?

For more than 20 years, we have been organizing events around this Halloween period. For us, Halloween is important for several reasons: it is the last possibility to visit the park before its winter closure, even if now more and more we are open during periods such as the Christmas and February holidays, you can sleep in the park during winter stays in winter. Despite everything, this is the last chance to discover the park before next spring. And for us it’s a celebration, a real celebration for families and children. And it is also a highlight from the educational point of view. We are going to talk about the “dirty creatures”, the wolf, the bear, the glutton, the insects. All these animals which have a bad reputation but which are very important for biodiversity.

This summer, tourism professionals toured France very well, were there also many visitors to Ste-Croix Park?

We are very satisfied. For the moment, since the start of the season, we have had our record spring for 42 years with favorable weather, an exit from the Covid and people’s desire to be able to reconnect with nature. And the summer was extremely satisfying except for the few periods of high heat when people waited to come. But we can say that at the end of the summer, we are on a season which will for the moment be the 2th Park’s best season since 2019 so very satisfying. And we hope to end in style with these 15 days of Halloween festivities.

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