Here are Jennifer Lopez’s 3 favorite treatments to always be on top after 50

Here are Jennifer Lopez's 3 favorite treatments to always be on top after 50

Jennifer Lopez is an inspiring woman, both in terms of her career, her love life, and her appearance. Here are her 3 favorite products to always look so young.

If you welcome the years with philosophy, this does not prevent you from wanting to always be on top, both physically and mentally. If there is a woman who sets this example, it is the American Jennifer Lopez. She reveals her favorite products for a always glowing skin and full of health, even after 50 years.

Jennifer Lopez’s 3 beauty essentials



Jennifer Lopez has a well-crafted morning beauty routine. After getting out of the shower, she starts by washing her face with the cleanser from her JLo Beauty brand “That Hit Single” to remove all makeup residue and impurities. This product between gel and cream makes the brighter complexion and gives the skin a baby-like softness. Formulated without paraben, the combined action of rice bran and coconut protect and soothe the skin.

Then she goes to “That JLo Glow” seruma name very well found because time doesn’t seem to have a hold on the 53-year-old American singer and actress. Applied generously to the face, neck and décolleté, it makes the firmer skin with a natural lifting effect without going through cosmetic surgery ! Apply morning and night for best results.

Finally, the beauty secret of Jennifer Lopez comes to him from his mother who always applied sunscreen to protect your skin from the harmful effects of UV rays. Habit that she kept in her adult life and the results are stunning. It is known that the sun is one of the main causes of skin aging, which is why JLo has included in its brand and in its routine a moisturizing cream SPF 30 “That Blockbuster”. Rich in hyaluronic acid Next-Jen, it deeply hydrates the skin for a guaranteed healthy glow.

These three products can be found in the JLo Beauty introductory kit just above!

A meticulous morning beauty routine

If you want to see the products in action, all the details can be found in the video she posted on her Instagram account for her 225 million subscribers. Between skincare, meditation and affirmation, Jennifer Lopez knows how to take care of her body, but also her mind.

Want the same skin as JLo? We understand you, you now know the products to use to achieve such a result!

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