Shiseido celebrates 150 years of scientific innovation in Venice

Shiseido celebrates 150 years of scientific innovation in Venice

Shiseido celebrates 150 years of scientific innovation in Venice Rights reserved

On the occasion of its 150th anniversary, the Japanese-born brand brought together beauty experts around a summit under the sign of science, innovation and sustainable development.

As movie stars celebrated the 7e art at the Venice Film Festival last September, skincare experts also gathered in the Serenissima city for a beauty summit organized by Shiseido. An exceptional event praising the values ​​of scientific innovation and sustainable development that have infused the brand’s solutions supporting holistic beauty for one hundred and fifty years. The latest creation? The Bio Performance Skin Filler serum duo and its MolecuShift technology that delivers younger-looking skin in a day.*

The Shiseido Innovation Lab Reserved Rights

Innovation for DNA

“Innovate beauty for a better world. » More than a virtuous mantra, it is the resolutely forward-looking vision that Shiseido strives to implement, thanks to a research and development strategy combining technological innovations and a holistic approach to beauty. Bringing together the science of the skin, the body and the mind, the brand thus claims a unique conception of skincare, based on opposing principles of appearance. Between science and creativity, luxury and sustainability, individuality and universality, functionality and Japanese quality, Shiseido imagines within its 6 research and development laboratories solutions to effectively meet the specific needs of men and women around the world.

Beauty in harmony with nature

This sense of innovation is accompanied by a deep respect for nature and its strength, as is the tradition of Shinto, which recommends a permanent celebration of the environment. An inexhaustible source of inspiration, its richness has constantly stimulated Shiseido research, which does not hesitate to use and enhance natural ingredients in its formulas. Convinced that beauty has its role to play in preserving the environment, the House is committed to a series of “Sustainable Beauty Actions”, based on 3 pillars: empathy, harmony and mottainai. The latter is a philosophy of Japanese origin, which implicitly refers to the 5 pillars of the brand’s eco-responsible policy: reuse, recycle, reduce, replace and respect. This is how Shiseido aims to use only sustainable packaging by 2025.

A duo of high-tech serums

Bio Performance Skin Filler Reserved Rights

The result of one hundred and fifty years of innovation and forty years of research around hyaluronic acid, Shiseido Bio Performance Skin Filler stands out as the ultimate feat of the Japanese brand. Incorporating the revolutionary MolecuShift technology, this duo of new generation serums guarantees the penetration of hyaluronic acid into the layers of the epidermis. A unique way to reveal the volumizing effects of this benchmark active ingredient by drawing inspiration from aesthetic medicine techniques. What once again arouse the attention of scientific experts – the MolecuShift technology being the subject of 3 patents in the process of validation – and reinforce Shiseido in its image of irreducible pioneer of beauty.

*consumer test on 110 women


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