Shopping | For YSL Beauté, Lil Nas X further deconstructs the myth of virility

By sydney

Lil Nas X poses for Yves Saint Laurent Beauty makeup.

Lil Nas X poses for Yves Saint Laurent Beauty makeup. yslbeauty / Instagram

(ETX Daily Up) – Shiny pink lips, eyes highlighted with a shimmering blush, Lil Nas X once again breaks the codes by embodying the new make-up from the Yves Saint Laurent Beauté house. A role, hitherto held by women, which helps to slowly but surely deconstruct all the stereotypes and injunctions to virility, and to draw the contours of the beauty of tomorrow.

Don’t let yourself be boxed in. A struggle masterfully led by Generation Z, shattering many of the dictates, stereotypes, and injunctions that have punctuated the daily life of previous generations. 23-year-old American rapper Lil Nas X is no exception, far from it, using his voice to make beauty more inclusive, and far less stereotypical. One thing, it seems, welcomed by the biggest houses, who no longer hesitate to shake up the codes to allow cosmetics to open up to as many people as possible.

Rouge Pur Couture The Bold, the latest addition to the iconic Yves Saint Laurent Beauty range, is currently the subject of several campaigns, both embodied by Kaia Gerber and Lil Nas X. The American rapper, who constantly breaks the codes, both in fashion and in beauty, prove once again that cosmetics has no – or no longer – a gender, deconstructing in passing a number of injunctions relating to virility.


In a total black leather look, open jacket on his bare chest, or showing off a transparent shirt, the American artist presents some of the new make-up products from the luxury house: Lash Clash mascara, and therefore Rouge Pur Couture The Bold lipstick . Two products that were probably not chosen at random, since until then considered entirely dedicated to the fairer sex. Well that was before! For the purposes of the campaign, Lil Nas X, in the middle of the desert, does not hesitate to pose in front of a mirror to offer himself XXL volume lashes and vibrant pink lips, once again abusing gender stereotypes .

This is not the first time – and probably not the last – that the rapper upsets the established codes. In the city, as on the red carpet, the interpreter of “Montero” does not allow his style to be imposed, quite the contrary, multiplying the dresses, crop tops, and other tight combinations which have the merit of making people talk, of questioning , and to reach a large target, whether or not they are won over to the change. One of her most emblematic and evocative outfits remains to this day, a lilac half-dress, half-suit ensemble signed Atelier Versace, the embodiment of a desire not (any longer) to be defined according to gender. .

Just like Harry Styles, David Banda, A$AP Rocky, Bad Bunny, Pete Davidson, Timothée Chalamet, and other Jaden Smith, to name a few, Lil Nas X is part of a generation that intends to move the lines , and deconstruct as much as possible the famous myth of virility.

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