why use blue or purple shampoo?

why use blue or purple shampoo?

Having blond hair is beautiful, but you have to know how to maintain it or you will end up with a bad mane. LLight hair is indeed more sensitive to external aggressions such as pollution, repeated brushing, the brush or even the comb. Not to mention the summer when salt water, chlorine, sand and UV rays wreak havoc.

If you are blond, then the yellow pigments take over and dull your color. Don’t panic, we have the miracle remedy you need: purple or blue shampoo.

The purple or blue kesako shampoo?

These two types of shampoot enriched with amino acids, moisturizers and pigments. Their purpose is to counter bad reflections and to keep an impeccable natural coloring or color.

the purple being a complementary color to yellow, but also opposed to the latter on the color wheel, the two shades once superimposed will cancel each other out. Thus, the use of a purple shampoo like the one available on yves-rocher.fr helps to neutralize the yellowing of your blonde (color corrector). Its composition also makes it an ally essential for your hair dried out by discoloration or lack of melanin.

The blue shampoo comes combat other unwanted reflections (yellow or orange) that blond hair can have, gray or white, following staining. Don’t worry, his goal is not to turn you into Smurf.ette…

For optimal use of purple shampoo, keep in mind the following advice: the darker it is, the greater its corrective action will be. In other words, it will be effective if your reflections turn yellow a lot. Conversely, if your wish is to correct a faint yellow undertone, a purple shampoo will be more than enough.

Blue hair care goes act effectively if your color has shades that tend towards orange, orange and red. So it’s up to you to choose your purple or blue shampoo according to your color.

Blondie anti-yellow solid shampoo, Maison du Solide

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Pure Light shampoo with silver reflections, Yves Rocher

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Blue solid shampoo, Joya soaps

See this shampoo

What you have to remember is that they don’t have not the primary function of cleaning your scalp nor your lengths. It is therefore essential to use your blue or purple shampoo only to restore your color, i.e. once in two, alternating with your usual shampoo (if possible a sweet and nourishing). You can also apply it like a mask and leave it on for a few minutes. Or as a classic shampoo on wet hair, rinsing thoroughly afterwards.

In terms of frequency of use, for a blue shampoo it is recommended to do not apply it more than twice a week. The purple one is to be used 1 to 3 times a week. They can indeed dry out the hair even more.

Do you have any other tips for maintaining your blonde hair? See you on our forum.

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