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Halfway between discoloration and shampoo, American shampoo gradually lightens the hair. Find out everything you need to know about it.

the american shampoo is the ritual everyone is talking about, accessible to everyone, this mix between a shampoo and a bleach is ideal for all those who want lighten their hair a tone or two. The lightening is lighter than with a real discoloration, but this method remains less harmful for our hair.
There are many advantages to using an American shampoo rather than a bleaching product directly. No need to be a professional to use this shampoo, accessible to the general public, this product is easy to use, quick to make and exists for all budgets. Ideal for unravel your roots when you want to space out your appointments at the hairdresser. On the other hand, it is not useful for all hair colors. American shampoo is more suitable for light to medium hair (from blond to light brown), for darker hair, the result is almost indistinguishable.

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American shampoo: a multifunctional ally

American shampoo is used to avoid going through bleaching products such as powders, creams or bleaches. Useful for rather light hair, this lightening product is more controlled than bleaching since it can be done at the hairdresser and also at home and its result is light. The American shampoo is ideal for people who want to color afterwards, it will bring out the color pigments by attaching them to the hair. It also helps to remove unsightly reflectionsas for blond or white hair, but we advise you to use a blue shampoo (less harmful for the hair) rather than the American shampoo for this function.
The American shampoo helps to reduce the contrast of highlighted or highlighted hair. On the other hand, you have to be careful not to leave it on for too long, to avoid copper reflections.

American shampoo, how to make it at home?

For make an American shampoo at home, it only requires a few steps.
We start by mixing in a container, a dose of shampoo, with a dose of bleaching powder and one or two doses of oxidant cream. Be careful to use gloves and handle the mixture with plastic utensils (those made of steel may oxidize).
As for the application, you must apply your American shampoo like your usual shampoo, lather by massaging your hair. Then spread the product over all of your hair using a hairbrush or comb, so that each strand is impregnated. The exposure time is between 5 and 20 minutes depending on the desired result, do not hesitate to monitor the evolution of the installation.
Finish with a good rinse, followed by your usual shampoo. If your goal is not to use color afterwards, you can use a special nourishing treatment after bleaching.
If you have the slightest doubt, do not hesitate to call your hairdresser so that your hairdresser can guide you and advise you on how to make your American shampoo at home.

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Does American shampoo damage your hair?

Despite the fact that the american shampoo is less strong and powerful than bleaching, it is not safe for the hair. It is not a treatment, but a lightening product, it has oxidant, which opens the scales and removes certain pigments from the hair. For example, if your hair is damaged, it is better to wait and repair your hair with care before using this technique. If you have used a bleaching product before, you should wait between two and four weeks between each use of bleaching methods.
Even if the American shampoo does not damage the hair as much as bleaching, this product remains rather chemical and is not natural. In contrast, this bleaching shampoo does not modify the structure of the hair.
Please note that American shampoo is not recommended during pregnancy and for people suffering from skin diseases (psoriasis, eczema, etc.).

What is the difference between an American shampoo and a blue shampoo?

Blue shampoo is different from American shampoo, it will not help lighten your hair. On the other hand, it is mainly intended for blond hair. Blue or purple shampoo is used to neutralize unsightly reflections on blond hair. In the color wheel, blue is the opposite of yellow/orange tones, so when using blue shampoo on blonde hair, it counters unwanted highlights. It is also recommended for white hair, to avoid a yellowish color. Be careful not to use it too regularly, we advise you to do it once or twice every two weeks, no more so as not to end up with blue hair. So if you use an American shampoo to lighten your hair, you can use a blue shampoo to maintain her light hair.

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American shampoo or clarifying shampoo?

Unlike American shampoo, which removes certain pigments from it to help lighten the hair or help lock in the pigments of future coloring, the clarifying shampoo will get rid of all impurities accumulated. By dint of carrying out treatments, lacquered hairstyles, etc., the hair is impregnated with different products which suffocate the scales of the hair. So to remedy this and be able to reset your hair, you can opt for the clarifying shampoo. This type of shampoo helps detoxify and to remove all impurities and residues of products harmful to the hair. Thanks to it, your hair and your scalp start from scratch and are ready to receive and soak up the different treatments you offer them.

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