Alopecia: how to regrow your hair as quickly as possible? An expert gives the solution

Alopecia: how to regrow your hair as quickly as possible?  An expert gives the solution

Alopecia is a term that refers to the loss of hair or body hair. This autoimmune disease is responsible for bald patches on the skull. Fortunately, it is possible to stimulate the growth to regain your hair of yesteryear. Expert Tania Thelise shares her advice.

Did you know ? We lose approximately 50 to 100 hairs per day. But the body is so well thought out that others are pushing to replace them. Unfortunately, life being strewn with pitfalls, it is possible to be confronted with difficult periods (periods of stress, hormonal changes, unsuitable diet, etc.) which lead to more severe hair loss. Alopecia type areata is an autoimmune disease, often triggered by stress, where the organism attacks tissues connected to hair follicles and hair. As a result, bald patches appear on the skull. This consequence can have negative psychological effects on the person. To avoid this, Tania Thelise, hairstylist for Ma Coiffeuse Afro and ambassador for In Haircare, Explain how to boost hair growth.

What are the tricks to grow your hair as fast as possible?

Expert Tania Thelise gives several tips that promote hair regrowth. “Most often, you have to use treatments in the form of capsules to be ingested. And there are also local treatments” specifies the hairdresser at first. Food supplements are a safe bet, “it helps limit hair loss and boost the hair.” And for good reason, they are digested by the body before going into the blood vessels, thus providing plenty of vitamins essential to hair growth.

About local treatment, “It will be in the form of a serum that we will have to massage.” Tania Thelise specifies that it is a circular movement by pressing on the scalp to wake up the bulb. This massage is to be performed every day for three months on a person with alopecia. The brand In Haircare offers a peppermint serum “because it makes the epidermis and the dermis react a lot. Thus, it will stimulate blood circulation and that’s what will make the hair bulb start again.”

When to observe hair regrowth results?

Being diligent is good, but are the results achieved by choosing these treatments? Tania Thelise confirms that after a month there is already a marked improvement, “Afterwards, it’s random depending on the people.” For an optimal and fast result “The best thing would be to do the two treatments together to really give yourself the best possible chance.”

Alopecia: how to take care of your baby hair?

The hairdresser explains that you have to continue your treatment even if you notice a regrowth. Several treatments per week are recommended. And above all, heating devices are to be avoided. As for the ultra plated hairstyles, we forget. Patience is the key!

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