Are these 10 misconceptions true or false?

Are these 10 misconceptions true or false?

Having beautiful hair fascinates. As a result, we are all tempted to believe the first ideas received about hair, in the hope of making it grow faster. Let’s decipher 10 of them together in order to see more clearly and adopt an appropriate hair routine!

1 – Cutting your hair increases the speed of growth

Fake. A hair grows from the root, the follicle. Cutting the ends will not increase the speed of growth of your hair. In contrast, cutting your ends regularly will prevent them from thinning out and not lose the density of the tips. Your hair will continue to grow properly.

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2 – Do not pull out a gray hair

Fake. Another misconception about hair to forget! It is common to hear that if you pull out one of your white hairs, 10 more will grow behind. We assure you, this is not the case. A hair has only one root. So if you pull out a hair, it’s only one hair that grows back behind it.

In contrast, pulling out a gray hair is not a good idea. On the one hand because the hair follicle at the base of your hair has lost its pigmentation, which will not return. The next hair will therefore also be white. On the other hand because tearing oneself away can damage not only the root, but also the follicle. This will then cause a lesion of the scalp, preventing regrowth. The solution ? Proudly wear white hair.

3 – The texture of the hair always remains the same

Fake. The hair and its quality are directly related to our lifestyle, our eating habits, our internal states of stress, our hormonal variations. Thereby the nature and texture of our hair may vary, evolve, throughout our lives. the one hair cycle is 3 monthswith a little observation and an adequate routine, it is possible to adapt to these changes very gently.

4 – Cold water makes hair shiny

True. Your grandmother told you 100 times to rinse your hair with cold water at the end of your shampoo? Well she was right. Finish your shampoo with a jet of cold water will close the scales of your hair, opened by the hot water. So your hair will be thicker and shinier !

5 – It is necessary to change care regularly

True and false. As we mentioned above, our hair type can change during our lifetime. It will therefore be important to change care if you are confronted with this phenomenon. The goal: to find appropriate care. On the other hand, if you do not observe any changes, there is no no reason to change treatments if they suit you.

Your hair does not get used to care? If you don’t see more effects after a while, it’s just that you have achieves the maximum effect of the product.

6 – Diet improves hair quality

True. The quality of our hair is directly related to nutrients and vitamins that we absorb. When you opt for a healthy, balanced and unprocessed diet, it is just as many good lipids, proteins, micro-nutrients that will be delivered to your scalp. That is to say the soil of your hair, the one responsible for the quality of your hair fiber.

7 – It is possible to repair your forks

Fake. A split hair is a split hair, it is not possible to fix a split end. The only way to get rid of it is to cut the entire damaged length and frayed so the fork process doesn’t go any higher.

Also know that the anti-split shampoos can have a sheathing action, which visually will reduce the notion of damaged hair. But your hair will not be truly repaired. Put this received idea on the hair in the closet!

8 – Hair needs to breathe

Fake. The hair does not breathe, it are “dead matter”. It is the scalp that needs to breathe. Like the skin, it is made up of hundreds of thousands of pores. Thus, it is appropriate to do not asphyxiate them with products rich in chemical agents and silicon. At the risk of completely suffocating your scalp and seeing your hair suffer.

So we take care of it, we brush (sparingly)we massage and soothe thanks to specific natural treatments and masks.

9 – You can have combination hair with oily roots and dry ends

Fake. The “mixed” type does not really exist in the hair sector. It is actually about oily hair whose lengths are damaged. It is often the type of hair that you think you have when you don’t know your hair type well and you don’t have the right products to take care of it.

10 – Last idea received on the hair: brushing it 100 times a day makes it more beautiful

True and false. Brushing your hair 100 times a day is indeed excessive and will accentuate the friction. These will damage the cuticles and accentuate the breakage of your hair. In contrast, brushing your hair regularly will remove residueexcess sebum, dust and massage your scalp at the same time.

To do well, we choose a brush with wooden pins or natural fibers and we take it easy. We don’t tear our heads off by forcing on any knots!

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To sum up, there is nothing better than observing your hair to notice any changes. You can adapt your hair routine and take care of your scalp.

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